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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3: Creator Carina Adly MacKenzie Left The Series

Roswell, New Mexico co-showrunner decided to leave the show before the commencement of season 3. Carina Adly Mackenzie departed from the series due to some differences among the members on board.

She provided a brief statement about her exit from the show:


She said she made a difficult choice to exit the show before the starting of season 3. She clarified the reasons as fundamental differences and kept on the initial decision of leaving. She felt proud after what she offered for the two seasons of the show and she also believed the heart and soul of the show.

She got relieved herself from the roles of executive producer and co-showrunner of the show. Her recent strings of tweets already clarified the fact that there is something fishy regarding the series.

Future of Show

The show will continue without Mackenzie on board and the third season will follow the projected schedule as usual. So there is no effect of Mackenzie departing the show but there are complications regarding the scripting of the third season as Mackenzie penned the plot of the seasons.

Another Showrunner Christopher Hollier is expected to retain his role in the show and he already started on the season 3 project. It is expected that Christopher will be in charge to add things in the script and Mackenzie also speculated that she contributed in finishing touches of the script.

Cast For Season 3

  •  Jeanine Mason

  • Nathan Dean

  • Michael Vlamis

  • Lily Cowles

  • Tyler Blackburn

  • Heather Hemmens

  • Michael Trevino 

  • Amber Midthunder

So it’s pretty difficult to cope with these types of situations when someone on board left the show in the middle of the project. Season 3 will be a showcase of things getting ugly or fair. Only Season 3 could tell us that this move got backfired or not, we hope that everything will be ok after the sudden move by the showrunner.

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