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Rocky: New Documentary Film Explained By Sylvester Stallone Arriving This Month

Rocky’s character portrayed by Sylvester Stallon turned out to be a classic character and fans have always been rooting for this classic cult film. However, it seems time we can revisit the classic film yet again!

A New Exciting Documentary On The Iconic Movie, Rocky Is All Set To Air. Here’s What We Know.

There is going to a new project that is going to be both written and produced by Derek Wayne Johnson. The documentary is titled 40 Years Of Rocky: The Birth Of A Classic. The documentary will see as the lead actor Stallone recalls his earlier experiences working on the original Rocky movies and how the film changed his career overnight.

The Documentary Will Have Unseen Footages From The Popular Film Franchise.

This documentary which captures the unseen truth will be narrated by Rocky himself, played by Sylvester Stallone, which made him a household name overnight. The actor will give audiences a rather close and at times, emotional roller coaster like experience related to the film. Take a look at the official trailer of the documentary which will take you back to the days of Rocky!

The documentary will give fans a deeper understanding of the film, the making and will also have some never seen before footage along with some unseen images and videos. The trailer has clips of the actor and how the scenes were well regarded with loads of determination on Stallon’s end. It was a big momentary break for the actor indeed!

Sylvester Stallon Made Another Big Revelation!

Not only that but the iconic actor also made another generation saying that there might be another Rocky film happening soon enough! The actor further said that there’s a good chance that Rocky may be coming back yet again! Stallon even has a plot in his mind where the encounters a troubled person who got stuck in this country when he comes to visit his sister. This film according to the actor will focus on the issue of immigration which the actor finds very prevalent these days. Fans would surely miss a new a rocky movie for sure!

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