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‘Re: Zero Season 2’ New Promos Reveals Return Of Favourite Character

Now this one is also a Japanese anime drama, but it does not belong to the manga series. You might not have heard about Isekai genre which is not very familiar among a lot of people but very much known by the Japanese people ofcourse.

‘Re: Zero TV Show’; What Is It All About?

Isekai mainly deals with youngsters who generally possess some kind or the other supernatural abilities and are transferred to different time realities to fight the evil forces. It is somewhat same as the Japanese manga dramas, but it holds distinctive value to it.

Plot Of ‘Re: Zero’

The show follows the same genre taking us into a lot of adventures, drama and mysteries. But here in the boy who has been selected does not hold much of power, yet he is selected to go into a realm and perform his duties.

Expected Release Date Of ‘Re: Zero Season 2’

The season has already launched its first season, and now it was all set to release its second innings in April 2020. But unfortunately, due to the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been delayed to get a launch later this year with no exact date revealed.

Trailer Of ‘Re: Zero Season 2’

However, a new promo released by the makers of the anime drama showed a return of one of the favourite characters in the show.

We are sure you might have guessed till now. We are talking about the cute pink coloured hair girl Ram. It would be interesting to see how the two girls would be reunited and what holds in store for us. So till that time, you can activate your minds and think of various possibilities that could be experienced in the upcoming flick.

The promo or trailer looks quite promising, and we can accept the second season of this anime to come up with even more interesting plot. Talking about Anime TV shows in general, people are showing a great interest in these kinds of shows as they are all about imagination.

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