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Rainbow Six Siege: Why There Could Be A Series Based On Game?

Some games have such influence that they could last for years, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the finest examples to follow. The game completed its five years and on the verge of completing six this holiday season. However, the game is going full steam ahead and still a better competitor for other tactical shooters; the game immersively boosts its popularity in the last two years and still on top in the 5V5 segment.

Battle Royale segment still not do such wonders as Rainbow Six Siege achieved in these last years. But now the matter of concern about the game is a possible TV adaptation on its operators and situations.

Rainbow Six Siege Cinematic

The unlock introduction of operators is none less than a cinematic trailer, and there are some existing short clips that resemble the possibility of a TV series.

The Cinematic reel tremendously shows Dokebi and Thacher in action, and it clearly indicates a possible TV series could be made based upon the characters.

Defenders Vs. Attackers

The basic plot could be on some missions, whereas Defenders played their part to stop the attackers. Or either way, a terrorist hunt could be a special edition of the TV series; there are many ideas, but the creators know more than us, and they could conclude something out of this game for sure.

Will It Happen?

The decision could go either way as there are possibilities of ruling out a Tv series too as it could be senseless for some fans. But still, for the record, not a TV series, a movie could be possible on ops of Rainbow Six Siege.

Tom Clancy’s already entered the world of Cinema as Jack Ryan regarded as one of the best thriller action TV shows. Now its third installment is definitely worth the wait as fans are counting on its release.

We already expressed our feelings and desires regarding the possibility of the Rainbow Six Siege series and familiar with the fact that it could not be more than a wish or fantasy.

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