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R Kelly: Will He End Up In Jail For Life

‘Surviving R. Kelly Part II’ demonstrates debate and pain!!

Sources said that “The first two episodes of “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning” premiered Thursday night, and like the original documentary, she had many tears”, accusing Kelly of decades of sexual misconduct. Interest renewed.

Kelly pleaded not guilty to several federal charges, including sexual exploitation and kidnapping of a child.

He is currently being held at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center.
There’s also writer Jim DeRogatis, one of the first journalists to publish reports on the accusations against Kelly in the early 2000s.

In the second season, de Rogatis talked about the impact of the series!!

“I’ve been telling many of these stories for years,” said DeRogatis, who wrote an article in Buzzfeed in 2017 that allegedly showed Kelly a “cult” to women whose families were denied contact.
” he said. “I think it had an incredibly powerful effect.”
More of those stories appeared in the season 2 premiere, including Tiffany Hawkins.

“This is what I knew I had to do to satisfy myself and keep it,” she said.

Perryman-Dunn acted as a counterweight to the accusers. She worked for the singer, she said, as studio manager, personal assistant and then general manager and said Kelly never saw anything inappropriate. Hawkins said on Thursday’s episode that he brought his young friends to Kelly at his request and had sex with him, even though he was not attracted to her.
People on social media about the debut of season 2 had a lot to do with the comments of the accusers and those who support Kelly.

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