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Pose’ Star’s Sister Shot To Death In Alabama Shooting

A juvenile woman found unresponsive in her car

A 24-year-old Alabama woman found shot to death in her car in a Birmingham park was the sister of Pose star Ryan Jamaal Swain.

Birmingham police discovered Lynette Swain dead from several gunshot injuries in Underwood Park on the south side of the city at around 7 pm. As per the reports, her car was found in the foliage.

An unidentified man informed the officers about the incidence

Sergeant Rod Moldin said that at least one person living nearby reported having heard gunshots and someone had called 911.

The sources report that several shroud markers have been seen in the parking lot.

Ryan Jamaal Swain, who plays Damon Richards the Evangelist in the hit TV series FX, wrote on Instagram that “he can’t even imagine my life without you, and I won’t do it”, and asks for privacy for his family.

Ryan and Raven, 26, were born and brought up in Birmingham, where Raven still lived.

The reason behind the killing is not known yet. The officers are investigating her friends and family.

The autopsy report will reveal how long the woman was in the car and she suffers any internal injury.

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