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Planet Of The Apes Movie On Disney Will Start Its Production Work Soon

The sequel to the legendary Planet of the Apes franchise continues with director Wes Ball, who says production will begin soon:

It is expected that in the near future the Planet of the Apes franchise will offer a new film, and director Wes Ball has provided updated production information. Since 1968, Planet of the Apes has a long history in the movies, especially with the most famous and most profitable series of reboots of 2011 by Rupert Wyatt and Matt Reeves. Ball, who first won an attraction in a film school with the animated film Ruins (2011), made his first breakthrough in the industry with the debut of the director Maze Runner (2014), an adaptation of a teenage novel of the same name. The Maze Runner series was largely successful and created a dedicated follower who took Ball’s place in the movie business.

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The sequel will continue the trilogy of 2011:

Ball originally participated in the adaptation of the Fox Guard Mouse. However, the adaptation occurred when Fox-Disney came together, which led Ball to move on to the continuation of Planet of the Apes in the new nickname 20th Century Studios. At the beginning of 2020, Ball confirmed that, instead of rebooting, the sequel will continue the trilogy of 2011. went wrong, it may be present when loading Ball. There were no other major announcements of the upcoming film Planet of the Apes.

Ball’s team is working on the movie and it is moving forward officially:

In an exclusive interview with Ball, organized by Talking Film, the director said that he was already working at the development stage and regularly met with his author Josh Friedman through Zoom to talk about a script that “continues to move forward.” During quarantine, Ball felt especially inspired and full of ideas for the film and attributed isolation to his new creative juice. In addition, Ball announced that he has an impressive team that is engaged in conceptual art for the film and that he is officially moving forward. In fact, Bell even hinted that “he may appear in virtual production relatively soon because it is basically a CG film.”

The story and film are in good hands: Ball

Ball wants his fans to be sure that the story and the film are in good hands. In fact, Ball seeks to pay tribute to previously surprisingly well-made films, as well as their unforgettable characters, at the same time, finally developing in a new way. Prior to the collapse of Mouse Guard, Matt Reeves was the producer of Andy Serkis’s Ball: “We used the same material, the same technology, we used a lot of the same people,” moving from Mouse Guard to Planet of the Apes follows “a natural application “. In addition, all writers, producers, and crew are on board, such as Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The director is excited to solve the problem of using his own innovative shot while remaining an honest part of the trilogy. Overall, Ball triumphantly declares: “The planet of the apes is moving forward, baby!”

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