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Petersburg Officials Report Body Found In Trunk Of A Burnt Car

Officers have discovered a deceased body from the trunk of a burning car

St. Petersburg police claimed that they are solving a case of arson and murder after they have discovered a body in the trunk of a burning car Monday morning behind a Florida golf course.

The police department informed that the deceased body is so burned that they can’t even recognize it. They are unable to identify the person and the gender or any other information.

They were not even able to determine the make or model of the charred vehicle, left on the elevated section of the city’s Pinellas Trail Skyway Trail, which winds its way through the Clam Bayou swamps and mangroves behind Twin Brooks Golf Course.

Investigators were informed about the incident in the morning

Police said the cyclist reported the car burning at around 6 a.m. After the fire went out, firefighters found the body in the trunk.

The scene is about a mile from the trail, which is for pedestrians and cyclists, police said. The trail was too narrow for the department’s large forensic truck, so they loaded the equipment onto golf carts to get to the site.

No one is charged yet. The officers are seeking help from the public.

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