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Paranormal 911: Season 2: When And Where To Watch

Paranormal 911 shows shocking spine-chilling stories in which an emergency call led to a horrific paranormal meeting. The first-man, thrilling drama-document series takes audiences to both the victims’ and 911 responders who have taken the call-every episode is an unsettling blend of emergency and hair-relieving paranormal experience-from the 911 call to the first responders on stage who have discovered something is not as it seems.

The series was crafted by award-winning writer and director, Michael Allcock, as a mix of Live PD and A Haunting. He is most notable for the Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal Emergency. While the critics did not receive him as well in the first season, he managed to build a respectable following, which awaited an update on ‘Paranormal 911’ Season 2 with great anticipation.

When And Where To Watch?

The paranormal 911 season 2 is expected to be released on the Travel Channel on April 18, 2020, at 9 pm ET.

Cast Details:

The cast of season 2 will include:

  • Martin Yap as Narrator
  • Christopher Allen Brewer as Paranormal Investigator
  • Morgan Knudsen as Paranormal Investigator
  • Mark Keyes as Paranormal Expert
  • Richard Estep as Author & Paranormal Expert
  • Natasha Ramondino as Arlene
  • Constantine Pavlou as Andy Billington

Plot Details:

When anyone speaks of paranormal encounters, our mind automatically thinks of a haunted house on the edge of a town, an abandoned building, or even a cemetery. Season 1 provides some real-life spinning paranormal meetings between police officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc.

The tales tell the plot of a first respondent who hears screams from the other end of a call; the suicide victim follows home from the official; a calling officer responds and gets the shock of his life when he discovers a strange set of mannequins.

Season 2 may include cases such as a mistaken home invasion call and an incident that threatens to spill the secrets from a government site. This can also add a situation where a healthcare agency is threatening paramedics, along with an example of an officer accompanied by a thick fog and unusual shadow while investigating a stretched vehicle.

Season 2 may also display a case where a cop is watching sinister satanic rites in the bedroom; an accident victim’s spirit follows a shooter into his house; a paramedic hears children giggle from the empty barn, and a safety officer is attacked in a nursing home. This may also feature one of Ballinger’s Olde Park hotel’s most haunted destinations.

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