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Over the Moon: We Finally Have A Trailer Revealing Amazing Visuals For The Animated Movie Coming On Netflix

The animated movie are on trends these days. Like everyone loves watching animated movies and shows. There are many animated shows and movies on Netflix. Now the streaming program is giving us a treat by releasing a new animated movie with some space stories.

The new animated movie is Over The Moon, and it is appearing on the streaming project Netflix soon. It has been quite a while since Netflix acquired the rights of the movie.

We dont have to wait much for the animated movie, and the allies of Netflix would have the alternative to pay special mind to The Moon with their children soon. The film is appearing on Netflix in the fall of this current year.

Release Date Info

Good to reports as we do have an exact release date of the upcoming animated movie. The production and everything has been completed, and now it will arrive on our screen. The animated movie will release for the fans in October 23.

New Trailer For The Movie

We have a new trailer for the animated movie, which reveals amazing visuals and the movie’s storyline.

Stars Who Will Give Their Voices

We have revealed about the stars who have given the voice for the animated movie.

  • Cathy Ang will voice the character Fei
  • Phillipa Soo will voice the character Chang’e
  • Robert G Chiu will voice the character Chin
  • Sandra Oh will voice the character Mrs. Zhong
  • Artt Butler will voice the character Ma
  • Margaret Cho as Auntie Ling
  • Ruthie Ann Miles as Mother

What We Know About Its Plot Info

The storyline is about a girl named Fei. Since youth, Fei has heard the accounts of the moon goddess Chang’e. In the stories, Chang’e, the moon goddess, has been gotten on the moon for a long time. Fei needs to meet the moon goddess. She makes a rocket pontoon to make an outing to the moon and meet the goddess of the moon, Chang’e. On her experience, she takes her pet Rabbit and stowaway Chin and goes to meet the moon goddess Chang’e

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