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One Piece Live-Action Remake: Current Scenario Of Production And Release

Live Actions are just joy to watch, and the latest technologies make it more unpredictable and exciting. If any famous anime got adapted into live-action, then it would be more awesome to witness those effects. Taking the instance of Death note, which was a hell of a masterpiece and distributed by none other streaming giants Netflix.

Now Netflix clinched another title for a live-action remake, and this time, it would be more interesting as One Piece is already announced for a remake.

One Piece Live-Action Remake

Netflix used its social media handle to announce the confirmation of One Piece’s live-action remake. Social media are quite credible sources for such announcements, and fans could also react to the same, respectively.

Release Date

Now the part which concerns all the fans and they desperately wants to know when will Live-Action remake of One Plus will land on Netflix. First, it was speculated that the live-action version of One Piece could have already released if it’s not for the Covid-19 pandemic. But now, taking the current situation under consideration, we can easily rule out the release for the next two to three months. Now the remake could arrive in the holiday season this fall. If still there will be some strings of delays, then it will likely release in fall 2021.

Production Scenario

As it is apparent that the Coronavirus epidemic tends to halt every possibility of resuming the production process. Social distancing measures are on the top priority, and thus there is no scope of production within the co-current trend of work from home. This only applies to some selected professions, and however, the film industry got the worst affected and faced the rage of the deadly virus.


Now the matter of concern, will there be more than one season or makers will end it after the first season. The decision could go to both ways as there could be more than one season or it could finish at one. It totally depends upon the source material for the remake.

So the fact is clear that Live-action would not be a movie just like with the case of Death Note.

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