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Oklahoma Jail: Murder Suspect Escapes 12th Floor Jail Cell

Two inmates reportedly escaped from an Oklahoma prison on Friday by creating a rope from sheets – which came down a 12th-floor window

According to the reports, the Oklahoma County Detention Center reported that at 7 am they learned that one of their prisoners, Jose Hernandez, 33, had been arrested by the authorities. Prison officials checked Hernandez’s cell and found that he and his cellmate, Pablo Robledo, 34, disappeared from Oklahoma Jail: Murder Suspect Escapes 12th Floor Jail Cell.

According to Oklahoman, Hernandez, who broke his leg after jumping from the fourth floor of the prison, was arrested while trying to steal a truck.

Accusation against Hernandez

Officials told the news agency that Hernandez is accused of molestation, indecent theft, and burglary.

Charges for the crime

Robledo is imprisoned with a series of charges including first-degree murder, assault, and beatings with dangerous weapons and domestic violence. officers report indicate that Robledo is accused of shooting a man to death in March 2019. He was arrested in connection with the shooting in June 2019.

Prison officials told that the couple broke a window and used a rope to escape. Surveillance footage reportedly showed Robledo near the south side of the prison at 5:25 am.

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