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Oklahoma Authorities Hunting Down Suspected Gunman After Two Tusla Police Officers Were Shot

A gunman shot 2 police officers who are now fighting for their lives

Oklahoma authorities are looking for a suspect who they thought opened fire while traffic was stopping, shooting and seriously injuring two Tulsa police officers.

The investigators have booked the suspect

Officers arrested a man identified as David Ware around 3:00 am on Monday near the 21st century and the Tulsa Memorial. The suspect was stubborn and pulled out a gun after what the report described as a “fight” with the officers. According to the report, Weir often shot two officers before fleeing the scene on foot. Still great.

The injured officers are not identified yet

The officers, who have not been identified, are in critical condition and undergoing surgery in a nearby hospital. The authorities have not disclosed further details about their conditions at this time.

The police continue to search for the suspect. We encourage anyone with information about Ware’s location to call 911 or 966-596-2627.

This is a developing story. No further information is provided by the officers. The suspect will not get an attorney. He might face life imprisonment without ant chance of parole.

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