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Officials Found A Child Inside A Dog Cage In Tennessee

A boy found in a dog cage with snakes, mice, and rats inside:

Officers who responded to an animal abuse call discovered a human child behind him inside a dog cage in a Tennessee home.

Sheriff Henry County’s deputies arrived home in Buchanan on Thursday morning in response to an invitation to animal abuse. MEPs reportedly found the door open and entered the residence while calling the homeowners.

Then they discovered a child trapped in the animal cage, while hundreds of animals roamed the residence and property. According to the report, the boy was “very close” to mice, snakes, and mice.

Officers have arrested 3 men in connection to the case:

Three adults have been arrested in the residence and are currently being held with bonds worth $ 300,000: Charles Brown, 82, Jeff Brown, 46 and Heather Scarborough, 42. Weapon drawings. Their relationship with the child and between them has not been confirmed.

Investigators noticed multiple other animals at home:

According to the report, the authorities found several hundred animals and creatures at home, including 531 mice, 56 dogs, and 86 chickens. The report says that some animals have been “subjected to serious abuse”. In addition, the cage and the surrounding area where the child was found were covered in urine, feces, and cockroaches.

The report does not indicate whether there were children or other adults in the house, but the victim was transferred under the care of the child services department.

“Cruelty to children and animals is one of the worst crimes we see,” District Attorney Matthew Stowe said in a press release.

The three suspects are expected to appear in court on June 30th.

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