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Officer Shot And Killed Texas Woman Who Stabbed Him After A Accident

Texas police killed a woman who stole a car and stabbed the officer:

A Texas woman who was using a stolen car suffered a traffic accident in Plano on Thursday morning, then killed the other driver and a police officer who replied.

The suspect is not identified yet:

The Plano police department said they were still trying to figure out the identity of the suspect who had been shot by the officer.

The administration said investigators subsequently decided that the car, driven by a woman, had been reported stolen.

Police said the officer is taking the help of the witnessed the road crash and immediately responded to it. The administration said she was “working in the accident”, the woman returned to the car she was driving, retrieved a knife, went to the other car, and started stabbing the driver.

The officer tried to interfere, but the woman also stabbed him, then ran around the front of the other driver’s car while the agent was heading back. When she tried to get into the passenger door, the officer fired.

The suspect died in the hospital and other officers who were wounded are in stable condition :

The three – the officer, the suspect, and the victim – were taken to the hospital, where the woman died of his injuries. The other driver and officer were hospitalized with non-lethal injuries.

Police said the officer’s camera and witness statements confirmed the events. The agent was given administrative leave during the accident investigation.

The officer and the other driver were not appointed.

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