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NY Boy, 13, Will Remain Behind The Bars Until Trail In Tessa Majors Stabbing Case

A Newyork teen boy accused with murdering a Barnard College learner will keep behind bars until his March hearing, a Family Court judge ordered.

Manhattan Family Court Judge Carol Goldstein refused a preservation application to allow the boy to go back to his family until his hearing commences.

According to a source, the 13-year-old boy, who so far is the only individual accused in Dec. 11 murder of Tessa Majors throughout the charge of burglary, will keep at a young detention center.

Goldstein stated the constitution of the offense warranted him keeping behind bars. Source did not disclose the name of the teen since he is a minor who is not being accused as an adult.

In December, the 13 years old boy ostensibly admitted to the offense. According to a source, the boy revealed detectives how he and two 14-year-old pals were endeavoring to stole Majors as she walked through Harlem’s Morningside Park, but that a travail followed and one of his pals killed her.

Hannah Kaplan, who is stewarding the teen from the Legal Aid Society, had bickered that the boy’s good attendance history at school and the endurance he has living with his uncle help her case that he is not a fancy risk. He will show up for his court trials.

Nevertheless, Rachel Glantz, a lawyer with the department of New York City’s Corporation Counsel, told the boy had shown lousy nature in the young detention center, appearing “aggressively” with a team member before he was effectively conducted to his room.

Kaplan told the extent of that condition was that the boy said something unsuitable following the team member proposed to take away his video game.

Goldstein conducted the boy should keep in detention until his hearing, which is due to start on March 16. At this report, a source reported that the boy looked down and his legal defenders, Shaquoya Carr and Roosevelt Davis, were also upset as they moved court.

It is not clear when and if the two 14-year-olds will be accused in the assault.

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