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New York Man Facing Charges After He Tossed A 7-Year-Old Girl During An Kidnapping Attempt

A New York man faces several criminal charges for allegedly attempting to kidnap a 7-year-old girl from her home on Monday:

Pete Hutton, 32, was accused of breaking into the queen’s house and pulling a girl out of her bunk. The girl’s mother told that the suspect pressed her daughter’s belly and told her to wake up. When his daughter refused, the mother said, the suspect got angry and took his daughter out of the house.

Surveillance footage shows that the suspected kidnapper opens the front door and throws the girl down the stairs. Surprisingly, the girl immediately gets up and turns the stairs behind the man who appears in the video as he returns home.

Houghton came back to take his younger brother along with him:

Haughton is said to have returned home to pick up his 5-year-old brother. The family reported to the that they heard the girl’s screams and confronted the man who then threatened to take the girl’s younger brother.

“I want to kill everyone,” said the mother, according to the children’s mother.

The children’s father told him that he had faced a potential hijacker head-on. The father said the suspect said, “Don’t call 911, I have your kids.”

The suspect was reported to have fled when the mother called the police:

Both parents reported to the store that the suspect managed to enter the house because the closed screen door was not completely closed. Their daughter was reportedly injured and bruised in an accident on Monday but is expected to recover.

Charges against Houghton:

Houghton has been charged with first-degree burglary, attempted second-degree abduction, second-degree assault, and danger to the child’s well-being. Reportedly, that he was still imprisoned without bail and a judge ordered a psychological evaluation.

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