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New Images Revealed By Officials Shows 18-Year-Old Washington Woman Just Before She Disappeared

Investigators have released new pictures of the teenager who passed away last Friday and hasn’t been seen since.

Gia Fuda’s gray Toyota Corolla was found abandoned on Saturday, apparently due to a lack of gas.

New images show Fuda, 18, on Friday before running out of gas in a bar near Index, Washington, about 70 miles from her Maple Valley home.

The images show Fuda wearing a red sweatshirt; this shirt was found in a car, police said, so they believe she was wearing a gray shirt when she disappeared.

Fuda’s brother spotted her leaving the house

Fuda’s brother said he saw her leave the house with several suitcases, but she didn’t tell him why. The next day, police found her vehicle off Highway 2 between Skykomish and Stevens Pass, a few miles from Index. Her wallet was in the car. Her cell phone was not in the car, but she died or was turned off.

Investigators are now suspecting the teenager’s disappearance. They look for any dashcam footage from anyone in the area from Friday 10 to 18 Saturday. They want to talk to anyone who has seen a gray Toyota Corolla on the side of the road in the area or any vehicle near Toyota.

Christine Fuda added that Gia’s older sister was 18 when she died three years ago after being hit by a train.

Description of the girl:

Gia is described as a white woman who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 165 pounds. He has long brown hair and brown eyes.

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