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Netflix’s ‘I Am A Killer’ Season 2: Premiere Date And Everything We Know So Far

Netflix’s ‘I Am A Killer’ is a series that chronicles the struggles of many death row inmates. Ned Parker, Ross Young, Zoe Hines, James Tovell, and Jeremy Turner direct this engaging Netflix Original.

I am a Killer season 2: Cast

Acknowledgments to the show’s official page on its site, we can take a look at what stories are going to emphasize in season 2 of the docu-series.

Every episode will speak one more time to a new criminal on death row.

Some of the highlighted offenders in season 2 include Cavona Flenoy, Charles Armentrout, Brandon Hutchinson, Toby Lynn Williams, Leo Little, and Lindsey Haugen.

Season 2 is the first to highlight women inmates from death row.

I Am A Killer Season 2: Release Date

The series season one ‘I Am A Killer’ premiered on Netflix on August 3, 2018. It arrived with all of its ten events on the same date.

This series also got all the love of the spectators, and it soon became prosperous. The critics too showered their gratitude on it, and it was praised for not being another bland addition to the class. ‘I Am a Killer’ season 2 is all arranged to premiere on January 31, this year.

I Am A Killer: Trailer

I Am A Killer: Plot

The first episode reflects the story of a man whose name is Kenneth Foster. He and a man named Mauricio Brown drove down to the house of Michael LaHood in 1996. Brown fired LaHood, while Foster waited for him in the vehicle. Both Brown and Foster were held chargeable for their crime and had been convicted to death.

The fatal injection was the reason for Brown’s death, and Foster’s punishment was supposed to follow shortly. Nonetheless, just hours before he had to be executed, the penalty was called off. Now, he faced a life punishment in jail, expecting for a chance to get out.

The added episode serves the story of James Robertson, a man who wants to be abolished and has gone through a lot of difficulties to get himself a death penalty.

He started with lesser offenses like burglary and soon graduated from attacking at the age of 16. This was just the commencement of a longer rap sheet that he was proposing. But Robertson was not happy. To get a death penalty, he killed his cellmate with a set of socks.

The added story reflects the story of two teenagers who killed three sleeping men to death. Miguel Venegas succeeded in moving away to Mexico, while his associate in wrong, Miguel Martinez, was arrested and convicted to death.

David Lewis faced time for a burglary gone wrong where he killed a 74-year-old to death. He only left execution because his IQ test contests him to be uncertain intellectually disabled.

Deandre Buchanan killed three people, the mother of his kids, his stepfather, and his relative. He recently faces a life punishment but he keeps his comment that he had been on narcotics that night and does not recall a thing about it.

After that, there is Wayne Doty, one more man who wants the electrical chair to be the end of him. He killed his co-worker five times in the face, which got him a life penalty in jail. But his crime spree did not end there. He killed his cellmate by choking him and then killing him more than 20 times.

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