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Netflix’s Cursed Season 2: Renewal And Expected Release Date?

From the Netflix fantasy series Cursed, Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller, “What If?” Take on the classic Arthurian legends, who instead of King Arthur put the power of the sword in the hands of Nimu, a young Faye woman. So here we get to know the status of the renewal of season 2, its possible release date, and the continuation of the story.

Has the show been renewed for its next installment?

Cursed 2 has yet to be renewed for its Season 2 on streaming giant Netflix. This is the standard for Netflix shows, where renewal decisions are usually made several weeks after the current season’s release, in order to find out the number of viewers and viewers’ interest in the streaming service. The program is already popular, classifying it in n. # 2 on Netflix in the first weekend of its launch, so expect to hear good news about Cursed Season 2 by the end of September 2020.

What can be the expected release date for Curse Season 2?

Given the different locations and production scales, Damn Season 2 can be expected to have a slightly longer response time than other Netflix shows. The season 2 release date may also be affected by the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, which has led to the global closure of film and television productions. Cursed Season 1 was filmed in the UK, where restrictions have been lifted and some productions have resumed filming, so the show may not be affected. At this early stage, we can only say is that the Cursed Season 2 release possibility only appears to be in late 2021 or early 2022.

Cursed Season 2 - Netflix Release Date, Cast, & Spoilers
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What can be the expected storyline for Cursed Season 2:

*Spoiler Warning For Season 1*

Cursed season 1 ended with a bang. Iris shot Nimue and fell from a waterfall that was dead. Merlin, enraged by this, regains the power of the sword for himself and reclaims his vast magical powers. The weeping monk turns his back on the red paladins and the squirrel realizes that his name is actually Lancelot. Meanwhile, Arthur makes a new alliance with The Red Spear after his Viking rival Cumber the Ice King dispatches his troops to ambush Fei, who is trying to escape.

In Arthurian legends, Nimue is the name of a character better known as the Lady of the Lake, who famously hands the Excalibur sword to Arthur. Hitting Nimue and falling into the water could make her become the Lady of the Lake Ether, but the damned don’t seem to return to the traditional canon when the show’s purpose is to tell a different story. Furthermore, when Nimue was shot twice by Sister Iris, she was probably healed from her injuries, especially with the help of magic. In Cursed Season 2, Nimue will likely go looking for Water to claim the Sword of Power for herself – “Lady of the Lake” perhaps as one of the “Blood Witch-Wolf” and “Queen Fay” Join her Title.

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