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NASA’s Space Launch: What Is Special About Astronauts’s Suits

NASA’s SpaceX demo-2 flight which was scheduled to lift off for the International space station on Wednesday has been rescheduled for May 31st due to the prevalence of bad weather conditions.

This will be the first crewed flight that is about to launch from the American soil since the retirement of the station era in 2011.

The main objectives of NASA’s commercial crew programs are to make the space more accessible and should find the way to shuttle and cargo the supplies to and fro from the ISS easily.

Through this program, NASA has decided to reduce the cost by sharing them with the commercial partners including SpaceX and Boeing.

Therefore it has given the companies the incentives to build and design the commercial orbital transportation service (COTS) to achieve the goal.

Other than the test flight, the other attractive part is the spacesuits that astronauts are in need of while they are travelling in the SpaceX capsule known as Crew Dragon.

The uniqueness of SpaceX spacesuit:

The so-called as Starman suit the astronauts will wear them on the Demo-2 mission that is designed by the Hollywood costumer Jose who has been working on the designing of costumes in films.

During August 2019, the SpaceX has arranged for the training event in California, where the astronauts have performed the pre-launch operations which included the demo of wearing the suit up procedure along with the SpaceX team.

The SpaceX suits are entirely different from those suits that are typically worn by other astronauts as they are sleek designed, and resembled like a tuxedo.

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