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NASA & SpaceX Space Launch: How Much Time Will It Take For The Astronauts To Reach ISS

The recent event of NASA-SpaceX collaborative operation of sending the two astronauts to the space towards International Space Station (ISS) has garnered a lot of public interest across the nation.

And as it is the historic launch in America since 2011, it has created more excitement during the launch of the Demo-2 mission. The space shuttle will thereby dock at the ISS after arriving at the orbit.

There is yet another reason for this excitement amid space enthusiasts is that the two astronauts will be further leading the SpaceX mission.

There were many various reports that were flooding on the internet about the launch of the Demo-2 mission and regarding its docking mission. But the most frequent query that arises is how long does it take to reach the international space station?

Though the query is simple, the answer will be based on the various spacecraft technologies and their potential.

Back in 2010, NASA released the video where it answered the students that it takes nearly 3 days to reach the international space station.

But it takes nearly a decade that made the technological advancements, to announce that the space shuttle reaches the ISS in or around 24 hours from the time of launch.

As per reports, the Flacon 9 will lift off from the Kennedy space station in Florida and after liftoff, it will release the crew Dragon into the low Earth orbit under 15 minutes and return to Earth safely.

Once after reaching the orbit, the crew dragon will orbit around the Earth for about 19 hours, and during this time the spacecraft will ignite the engine and catch up reaching the international space station.

The most important thing to praise is that the design of the space rocket that it requires minimal human input.

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