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NASA & SpaceX Crew Dragon: Welcome Into The New Phase Of Space Exploration

The proud moment for America – as the SpaceX’s Crew Dragon has successfully landed two NASA astronauts at the International Space Station, marking the first human spaceflight with private collaboration.

But the main query arises is that what does the spacecraft signal for the future of space exploration? The two astronauts flew onboard in a spacecraft Crew Dragon developed by SpaceX – a private company founded by Elon Musk who also leads the Tesla Motors that produces the new – age automobiles.

The space rocket Falcon-9 carried the spaceship into the orbit to ISS. The launching facility that has shuttled the astronauts to space still belong to NASA, however, it has been previously used to launch American spaceships including the Apollo missions that have carried humans to the lunatic surface.

The current mission is called Demo-2, being in the fact that it still serves as the test flight which if successful would lead many future coming missions in a few months. This spacecraft is the first flight with Americans from its own soil after nine years.

Currently, NASA used five spaceships under its space shuttle program that were developed in making a total of around 135 journeys into the space and shuttle between Earth and ISS in 30 years.

While two of the five were destroyed in accidents, one in 1986 and another one in 2003 each was leading to the death of seven astronauts. After the accident occurred in 2003 in which Indian-born astronaut Kalpana Chawla killed among the other astronauts, US government halted the space shuttle programme from then.

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