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NASA Sending Astronauts To ISS With SpaceX’s Flying Machine

NASA has decided to send an astronaut to space by next week. The astronaut primed to leave the Earth on Elon Musk’s around 17,000 mph SpaceX rocked and called as an outstanding flying machine.

The recent reports revealed that the popular spacefarers Robert and Douglas will be ready to lift off from Florida by next week. If the rocket fly is successful, it will serve as the first historic mark that the astronauts make who are flown into the orbit with the help of the spacecraft which is built by the private company.

Source: CNet

NASA started depending on Russia’s space agency for the manned launched since the shutdown of the space shuttle programme during 2011. Further, the mission is expected to run a long way towards restoring America’s dominance in space.

According to Hurley, he claimed that it is an outstanding flying machine and not definitely just a space shuttle. Though it is much smaller, it is a capsule and it is definitely a state of art from the technology standpoint.

The two astronauts have been trained in the headquarters for many months. There are new features that have come up in the spacecraft including the touchscreen control panel, which is replaced for the traditional hand controller.

Additionally, the mission demo-2 will lay the groundwork for the future manned flights towards the surface of the moon, Mars and beyond. The spacecraft is expected to lift off from the Kennedy Space Centre from Florida at 9.32 pm.

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