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NASA One Step Closer To Moon And Mars Through Its New Cosmic Ray Stimulator

From the past, it is evident that the Milky Way remains the wild west of highly energetic, subatomic particle that blitz across the galaxy at speeds approaching the light speed. As these cosmic rays careen around the corner of the space, there are chances that these might smash into the atmosphere of Earth and produce a shower of some secondary particles.

Thanks to the atmosphere as they don’t cause any harm to human health on the surface of the Earth. But if you are in the space, then it might be a different story. In space, the exposure of GCRs, has the chances of damaging the DNA particles and thereby plays the havoc with the brain and might affect the normal biological functions of the cells.

Source: NASA

Even then the effects of the cosmic rays on the astronauts are poorly understood. So, NASA has built a machine that has the potential to fire the beams of high-energy particles to begin testing to know how accurately the space radiation might affect us. The machine is now called as cosmic ray gun and it s a king of weapon right now.

The recent study revealed that the scientists at NASA have detailed the development and utilization of the first surface-based galactic cosmic ray simulation which can be more accurately recreate the actual radiation environment found in the space. These cosmic rays are the mixture of energetic particles including protons, helium, heavier ions such as carbon and iron and ions.

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