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My Hero Academia: Season 5 Will Be The Final Season?

Almost all of us still get excited, watching animated shows and movies. It just makes us feel like reliving those good childhood days. And various online streaming platforms have understood the trend and are coming up with some excellent anime dramas.

The topmost rated anime dramas are being produced by Japan with a hell lot of manga series in its kitty. And one such show with a superhero backdrop is My Hero Academia. The show has delivered four seasons with more than two dozen episodes in each season. And next what? We were waiting for an update on the renewal of the show.

Renewal Status Of My Hero Academia: Season 5 

So finally, the makers took to their social media handle and officially confirmed that the show would be returning for a season five. However, it will take a lot of time than the usual since only an announcement had been made about the revival.

Also, seeing the ongoing Coronavirus or more commonly known as COVID-19 pandemic, the deadly virus has taken a significant toll on the entire world. This has led to the suspension of almost all the activities other than the essential ones until things return to normal.

Hence, all the production activities to have been stopped to maintain social distancing being the only way possible to prevent its further spread. So we do not know when will the filming work be resumed and it is expected that season five will have a 2022 launch. Yes, it is a very long time to wait, but we have no option but to be patient.

My Hero Academia season 5
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The Storyline of My Hero Academia: Season 5

The show revolves around a young boy who does not possess superpowers in a world where it is widespread that almost everyone owns it. However, he is helped by a man who was in the same position a time back, and he helps the boy to take admission to a school to get him proper training, seeing the excellent potential in the boy.

My Hero Academia: Season 5 Is The Final Season?

There were many rumors that the fifth installment would probably serve as the last and final one. However, there is no confirmation to it, but if we see the manga series, they come in excellent volumes, which provide a good amount of content to curate more episodes and seasons.

Hence, we are quite positive that this would not be the end and there is more to come and explore in the show. So till then keep enjoying watching the earlier seasons and still you aren’t satisfied then you can watch two of the My Hero Academia films and sit back and enjoy. Japanese manga anime versions have really increased its demand since the passing of time apart from the love the comic books have released.

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