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Murder Manual: Trailer Released For Emilia Clarke’s Horror Film

The Sources presents a special reveal for the trailer for Murder Manual, a new anthological horror movie starring Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke.

From Ammo Content and Haves Pictures, Murder Manual presents a series of terrifying and provocative stories from various directors. This is a unique addition to the horror genre, as it changes the expectations of what may be an anthology. Trailer House, a special trailer for Murder Manual, is produced and edited by Dual Vision.

Creepy The Creepy Creepy chapter of our book covers a girl’s nightmarish journey from a world of reality to a real nightmare, the romantic getaway of a lesbian couple in Palm Springs who becomes a murderer, a young woman who’s part of the journey is spent. It turns deadly And a girl who is captive in a circus and must be rescued by her husband.

Murder Manual is a horror anthology film

With several segments directed by the filmmakers: Michael Escobedo (forbidden charm), Kelly Hallmark (“The People Joo”), Matt Newton (“Pretty People Inc.”), Sam Ann. Powell (“Tie Tie”)), Tony Tikkan (The Silent), and Noor Wazee (“The Break”). Produced by Haves Pictures, Panacea Productions, and The People Xu. This horror project has not been released at any festival or anywhere else as far as we know. Ammo Content will release Murder Manual Direct-to-VOD starting May 21 this summer.

The ABC of Death and even classics like Cripso, the stories here are a combined ending. Combine to form a product. By doing so, they can capture the audience like an anthology movie, entangling the audience in non-stop horror. While some bugs are the inability to hold the audience captive, the Murder Manual is set up to hold the audience’s attention from start to finish.

Exciting new people are entering horror with their contribution to Murder Manual, who is sure to attract a number of fans with their bloody terror. Murder Manual is now available to stream on Amazon, and is hitting all major on-demand TV platforms in the coming months.

The trailer is down below:

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