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Mulan: The Film Was Hit On Disney+ With A Record Collection

Although many wanted to see her in the movies, Mulan came to Disney+ weeks ago. Thanks to its premiere, the company could have achieved one of the best collections.

After Disney presented a report in which it revealed that its shares had skyrocketed after the announcement that Mulan, the live-action remake of the animated classic, would have an extra cost of almost US $ 30 on its streaming platform, it seems that the situation continues getting better. Apparently, the tape digested by Niki Caro gave the company very positive results.

Initial estimates for Mulan were released in a recent report from 7Park Data, the analytics research firm, and all indications are that the film had a great opening weekend. This is because of almost 29% of American households that subscribed to Disney + decided to pay the extra $ 30 to see the film. In this way, the film starring Yifei Liu became the most-watched film on the platform by a wide margin. And since Disney doesn’t have to share that revenue with theatrical exhibitors, it means that what they’ll get for Mulan far exceeds what they would have gotten from a theatrical release.

More than Avengers: Infinity War:

According to ComicBook.com, one estimate suggests that there are around 30 million Disney + subscribers in the US, so if the reported 29% of users actually paid to watch Mulan, that translates to an open frame over the US $ 260 million. If a movie raised that at the box office, it would rank number two on the list of national releases of all time, just a little ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, which made $ 257 million in its opening premiere.

The above are only estimates since Disney has not yet shared its official numbers, and it will likely not. The streaming services are very secretive about the exact views and revenue generated by online media. The truth is that despite having everything against her, Mulan managed to position herself.

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