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Mother Of Teenage Girl Sues Dallas School District After They Allowed 25-Year-Old Man To Enrol As A Student Which Lead To Him Molesting Her Daughter

The teen girl’s mother has accused the Dallas Independent School District following it allowed a 25-year-old man to register as a student and basketball player. Then he went on to be charged with physically abusing the teen girl.

According to a source, Sidney Gilstrap-Portley registered in 2017 at Hillcrest High School by showing to be a homeless, 17-year-old student who was a Hurricane Harvey evacuee named Rashun Richardson. Almost instantly, Gilstrap-Portley entered the basketball team and became a lead player.

According to a source, Gilstrap-Portley then started a physical relationship with one of his classmates, a teen girl who is 14 years old at the high school.

The matter was presented public about a year before. Still, the girl’s mother has now registered a claim alleging Gilstrap-Portley of preparing her daughter for a physical relationship and banging the Dallas Independent School District for failing to defend her kid, told the woman’s lawyer, Mai Mullen Milton.

The suit also accuses the school department of neglecting “red flags” and not adhering to the rules established by the University Interscholastic League, the rule-making group for high school sports in Texas.

It needs school communities to conduct a home visit to authenticate the residency of any transfer student wanting to join a school athletic team. Nevertheless, national law doesn’t question those who are homeless because of a natural catastrophe to give residency documents.

The identification of Gilstrap-Portley was finally found following a coach from the high school he visited many years before known him at a basketball tournament.

He was finally caught and pled chargeable to three charges of tampering with government records and offense by exposure, a source reported. He was not convicted of prison time but must file as a physical abuser.

The victim has since shifted to another school out of embarrassment and to avoid being “known and reminded of what the prisoners allowed to appear to her,” her mom’s lawyer stated in court records.

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