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Moonbase 8: Showtime Shared Trailer And Revealed Air Date For The New Show

Moonbase 8, by virtue of its title, can create images from unintentionally funny cash-in-fi post-Star Wars to yesteryear with a lower bell mark, like Space Base Foran Saturn 3, but the comedy is intentional. In the case of the Showtime series, it just released its full trailer and release date in November.

Moonbase 8 is an upcoming American television comedy series. It will premiere in 2020 on Showtime. Here’s what you want to know about all the amazing science comedy series.

Moonbase Season 8 covers a total of six and a half hours. Jonathan Chrysal and Portlandia are producing this dark comedy series. Despite its closeness to the Netflix series Spaceship Earth, Moonbase 8 managed to win over a lot of eager viewers waiting to be released. Grit your teeth and back off before we get to our screens.

The official release date of the Moonbase 8:

An official release date for the series has been set for 8th November 2020. However, we are highly excited

The storyline of the Moonbase 8:

According to the Showtime press release, the series is “a workplace comedy that follows three shoddy astronauts living at NASA’s Moon Base Simulator with high hopes of being selected to travel to the moon.”

Moonbase 8 will focus on the story of three desperate space explorers living at NASA’s Moon Base Simulator in the desert, which was amazing with any expectation that audiences would come out across the moon. So the crowd will definitely continue to like this series, especially for its story.

The trailer of the Moonbase 8:

The show’s creators have set a premiere date of September 12, with John F. indicating Kennedy’s 58th anniversary “we choose to go to the moon.” Showtime has released the trailer for this comedy series starring three astronauts who want to complete a mole. Mission.

Who All Will Appear In It

John C. Reilly

• Tim Heidecker

• Fred Armisen

• Joe Abraham

• Joshua Davis

• Caden Dragomer

• Amanda Maddox

• Adalei Mostellar

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