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Money Heist Season 5: Why Tokyo Is Narrator In Every Season? Hints: She Is The Only Survival

Money Heist Season 4 has left fans wondering what could possibly happen in season 5, there are a lot of theories that are coming forward after season 4, and today we will talk about once such theory.

Season 5 Money Heist has been confirmed, and in this season we will see the gang completing the biggest heist they have been working on which is robbing the bank of Spain, at the end of season 4 we saw that they were stuck in the building with no way to go.

Most annoying 'Money Heist' member? These quotes say Tokyo
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Fans have discovered a lot of new things about Tokyo, and this could answer all our questions.

Tokyo from the beginning has been the narrator of the story, she explained what the Professor is doing and how they completed the heist of Royal Mint, she has continued to narrate the story in season two and three, and it looks like fans have cracked one of the biggest secrets of the show that Toyko will be the only survivor post the heist at the bank.

Toyko has often successfully escaped prison and has not been caught.

A thread on credit started where a fan said that he typed into Google as to why Tokyo narrates all the season of Money Heist the answer that Google gave to the question will blow your mind.

Google replied, saying, ‘Tokyo is the only one alive,’ we have lost a lot of characters along the way. Still, the gang has stayed put since the beginning, Tokyo being the only survivor of their last heist can be a significant plot twist.

That is all for today do let us know what you think about this theory, we will keep fans updated on the latest news about Money Heist season 4 until then continue reading with us!

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