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Money Heist Part 5: Did Netflix Renew It For Another Season? When Will It Release

After a breathtaking season, 4 of Money Heist fans are only looking forward to a season 5, season 4 premiered early 2020, and we will most certainly get a season 5 as well, season 4 has done well in term of viewership fans were waiting to binge-watch the series, and that is what they did.

Season 4 also left fans with a lot of questions and theories that will be solved once we get a season 5, let us talk about everything we know about season 5 of Money Heist.

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As we know Netflix takes up to 3 months before they renew a show, so no Money Heist has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix, but we do hope that they come out with a piece of good news soon.

There is a lot of story to tell and that is all we are waiting for often Alex Pina and other writers and directors have said that they have plans for season 5 of the show and we believe them.

Season 5 of Money Heist is inevitable many actors, and actresses of the show have also given hints about a season 5 in works; meanwhile, we are waiting for Netflix to come out with the good news soon.

According to sources Money Heist season 5 where to begin their filming in 2020 but with the pandemic outbreak, this seems unlikely with that being said fans must be patient as it would take longer for season 5 to premiere.


With a delay is filming we expect the show to be back only by the end of 2021; however, we will be going on an adventure ride with season 5, season 4 left fans with so many questions.

The first one is that now that the professor has been caught red-handed what events will take place in season 5, another one on Alicia and her mysterious ex-husband, was her pregnancy fake? All these questions will be answered in season 5.

We will keep fans updated on the latest news about Money Heist season 5 until then continue reading!

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