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Missouri Boy, 4, Shot To Death In His Own Bed While He Was Sleeping

A four-year-old child is shot down to death in his bed

Missouri authorities are looking for the person responsible for killing a sleeping boy inside an apartment complex in Kansas City.

As the investigators reported that the shooting occurred around 2:20 am on Monday in Citadel apartments off Bushman Road. Witnesses told authorities that the boy was sleeping in his bedroom when someone started shooting outside.

The boy was pronounced dead in the hospital

Police said one of the bullets hit the boy in the face. He was taken to the hospital where he was declared dead.

“This is a nightmare for any parent and I can’t imagine the pain they are dealing with this morning. The boy was asleep. The malicious shootings regardless of others demand another innocent life in our city.

Reportedly, the family members have identified the child as the 4-year-old legend M. Taliferro.

Officers think that the shooting was done purposely

Investigators said that based on the evidence found on the scene, shooting at this stage did not appear to have been random.

Officers are in search of the suspect. They are seeking help from several people. The motive behind the killing is also not clear till yet.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Kansas City homicide investigators at 234-5043 or the TIPS hotline at 474-TIPS.

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