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Mississippi Sheriff Deputy Drowned To Death While Saving 10-Year-Old Son

An off duty officer saved his son from rip current

A Mississippi deputy sheriff was reportedly drowned on Wednesday while rescuing his 10-year-old son from a rip-off on a Florida beach.

De Soto County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that their search and rescue director, William Nichols, 33, died while on vacation with his family in Fort Walton. Police said that after his son was dragged overboard, Nichols entered the water and rescued the boy before the father drowned.

Nicholas was discovered dead on the scene

Reportedly, Nichols’ son came ashore, but the torn tide brought his father back to the Gulf of Mexico.

Rescue teams took Nichols and dragged him to the ground, where they checked. Despite their best efforts, Nichols never regained consciousness and was declared dead in the hospital, according to the reports.

Nichols was hired by the sheriff’s department as deputy patrol in 2018. He first volunteered for the search and rescue unit before becoming a full-time employee.

The commercial appeal indicated that Nichols had been appointed director of the search and rescue division and had held this role for seven years.

Reports indicate that Nichols’ colleagues accompanied his body home to Mississippi, where he was buried Sunday.

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