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Michigan Man, 18, Charged For Attacking Macy’s Manager

An 18-year-old Michigan based man was accused of assaulting a manager of the Massey store

Genesee County Attorney David Lytton announced on Friday that he accused Damier Canel Palmer in connection to the assault with the intention of causing serious physical damage on the 15 June attack in a diamond shop in the Genesee Valley Center in the city of Flint.

Palmer’s sibling brother, a rapper famous as FT Quay (real name Damarquay Palmer), filmed the meeting and told that the 50-year-old director had been heard using racial blur, but Lytton said that no police or prosecutors agreed that the proof was real.

Leyton said, “We don’t trust any racial appeals have been initiated by the store manager and, even if that happens, it doesn’t forgive or justify Mr. Palmer’s assault.”

The whole incidence was caught in the CCTV footage:

In the store security camera video, according to Leyton, Palmer walks all over the store prior to approaching the manager and hits him in the head from the back, causing him to fall to the ground. Palmer hits him at least two more times while he is on the ground before leaving the shop. Layton said there is no sound in the footage. This video has not been published.

However, the budding video shows that after Palmer hit the manager on the floor, the clerk asked, “Why are you doing this?” He says “I haven’t touched you, I’m sorry,” while Palmer calls him n ***** and beats him again twice.

FT Quay said on a social media platform which was later deleted, that his brother asked the manager who was on the call and having a mask on his face, is the shirt suitable to him and fit.. “he said yes and kept busy on the phone and then uttered talking about the amount.” Nobody is just an amount of n ***** he thought we can’t hear it because his mask was on his face. ”

The investigation revealed no reason to believe the provocation had taken place, according to officers

Layton said the manager was talking to an out of town colleague when he asked Palmer about the suitability of the jacket. “This was a phone call from a cell phone to a cell phone, and there is no trace of this. The witness outside the country we interviewed said he had not heard any alleged provocation. The prosecutor also said that investigations did not demonstrate the director’s story using racist language.

Charges for the crime:

Layton said investigators were unable to determine either of the brothers and that FT Quay was not facing any charges because there was no evidence that he had committed a crime.

Damien Palmer will be called when he is found and arrested.

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