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Michigan Baby Dead, Twin Sibling In Critical Danger After Mother’s Boyfriend Brutally Beat Them

Boyfriend of a mother of two twins tried to kill the children

The Michigan boy died and his twin brother remains in the hospital after the accident, which the police call one of the worst child abuse cases they have ever seen.

The sources report that Ecorse police responded to the call at around 4 am on Wednesday morning in connection with a child who did not respond to the Renaissance estates. The police officers arrived to find a one-year-old boy on the hood of a car with “indescribable wounds”.

One boy was pronounced dead on the scene

The boy, whose name was Ziare Reed, was unconscious and could not be recovered.

The police later learned that another child, Zyair’s twin brother, was in the apartment with signs of abuse. Reportedly, the mother did not say a word about the other twin while the agents were on the spot.

Another child is in serious condition

Zyaire was pronounced dead in the hospital, while his twin brother remains in serious condition. He will need urgent surgery at Detroit Children’s Hospital in Michigan.

The children’s uncle, Ricky Tanner, told that the surviving twin had “a broken hip, a broken nose, a bleeding brain”.

Charges for the crime

Authorities arrested the girl’s mother, Lisa Reed, and chased her living friend James Gibson. He is accused of brutally beating children.

Eventually, the authorities found Gibson in a house 25 miles away in Sumpter. Both Gibson and Reed are expected to be charged with murder and child abuse. Both remain behind bars.

According to Click on Detroit, Gibson had previously been arrested on charges of child abuse. He was released from prison early due to problems with the coronavirus.

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