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Michael Kopech Is Divorcing Pregnant Riverdale Star Vanessa Morgan!

Well, Vanessa allegedly filed for divorce from the actress months after their marriage. According to the Chicago Tribune, Michael Koppe filed for divorce on June 19 from Vanessa Morgan Mazire (as identified in the quote). Kopp filed a case in his hometown of Morris County, Northeast Texas. The case was reportedly sealed on Monday and a hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Michael Kopech Is Divorcing?

Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopp originally started dating after Kop’s breakup with Brickell Burman in 2018 and they got engaged in July 2019. The two were married during a flamboyant ceremony in Florida in January, attended by several of Morgan’s Riverdale’s co-stars. Morgan reported that Koppek was completely absent when she was pregnant with Baby Boy in January.Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech split while Riverdale star ...

sources: metro.co.uk.com

However, a Morgan representative confirmed that Kopp is the boy’s father. You can see the revealing video of her gender on the following Instagram:

“While this is amazing to me, I owe this little man a lot for growing up. Out of the public eye, unless you tell me otherwise. Lil One was created with a lot of love for you and it was already light so strong that it warmed my stomach. Thank God for this blessing? Am I so happy and can’t wait to dedicate myself every day to be the best mother of my life? Michael Kopach recently chose not to participate in the MLB 2020 season, citing “personal reasons” and before that, he chose not to train to pursue personal matters. At this time, the media is unable to contact Kopcha to comment on the case.

Other Details!!

Meanwhile, Vanessa Morgan is slated to return for Riverdale’s upcoming fifth season, which is expected to accelerate production shortly before her temporary return in January 2021. As of this writing, there is no indication as to the staff’s Newsroom plans to address her pregnancy. However, with the show leaping a few years into the future during Season 5, an opportunity may present itself. One thing that could be said would require special precautions for Morgan, as televisions continue to operate under the specific guidelines of COVID-19 as production begins.

Morgan and Kopek’s divorce is on par with other high-profile divorces between television stars. Despite the circumstances, the two still have a somewhat positive relationship. Adrian Palkey of Orville also filed for divorce from her husband and co-star Scott Grimes.

It goes without saying that the divorce from Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech is a surprise, especially since the two were married earlier this year and are now expecting a child. However, the two are preparing to proceed with the divorce process, avoiding any changes.

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