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Matilda: Everything A Fan Must Know

Matilda is an upcoming Netflix original musical directed by Matthew Warchus and is based on author Dennis Kelly’s musical of the same name. Comedian and songwriter Tim Minchin are also known for composing music for the film. Yet we don’t have any official information from there but yet here’s everything we know:-

When can we expect Matilda to hit our screens anytime sooner?

Originally, most anticipated that the film would be ready by the end of 2020. However, as with most Netflix productions, which were due to the film in the second and third quarters of 2020, it was delayed.

Thanks to the casting information, we know that the rehearsal was originally expected to start in June 2020 and that the filming of the music was originally scheduled to begin in August 2020 and to complete the premier by the end of December this year.

In July 2020, a closed source listing stated that: “Movies scheduled for next year only” Which means that 2021 will now drop entirely on Netflix.

About the production of Matilda:-

Matilda’s production work is being done by Work Title Films. This particular studio is in fame for its accompanying musicals such as Les Miserables, Billy Elliot. And more recently, the famous adaptation of the film The Cats.

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Source:- BuzzFeed

What can be the expected plot line for Matilda?

The plot was announced along with the movie’s initial reveal that is Matilda, a talented and incredibly intelligent young five. Unfortunately, the school is run by the tyrannical Miss Trunchbull, who prides herself on punishing students with harsh punishment.

As the children’s choir claims to be the miracle of their parents, Mrs. Wormwood’s obsession with ballroom dancing gives birth to a boy known as Matilda. The Doctor feels that Matilda is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, but Mrs. Wormwood is only concerned with a missed dance competition. Similarly, the shallow Wormwood, a used car salesman, and television junkie dismisses the girl when she realizes she is a girl. Wormwoods are oblivious to her talent and often tease her and verbally abuse her.

Matilda tells Mrs. Phelps a story about a world-famous acrobat and escapist couple, who are children for a long time but can’t. To distract himself from his misery, he announces to the world press that he will do a new and exciting act (“Once Upon a Time”). The next day is Matilda’s first day at school. Her teacher, Miss Honey, is impressed by Matilda’s uncertainty and skill, so she advises that Matilda be brought into the upper class with older children. However, the child-hating disciplinary director, Miss Trunchbull, a former world champion hammer thrower, rejects Miss Honey’s suggestion and lectures her on the importance of following the rules.

Who all are expected to be cast in Matilda?

The biggest supporting announcement is Harry Potter’s favorite Ralph Fenness as the evil principle of Crunchem Hall Elementary School, Miss Trunchbull. In every Matilda production, Miss Trunchbull is played by male actors.

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