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Marvel’s What-If: When Will The New Series Land On Disney+?

Here is what we know about the show What If by Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus platform!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe are really keen to witness some of its cool upcoming shows on the streaming platform provided by Disney Plus, then you must be excited for What If. It is an upcoming series from America that is animated and is going be an animated anthology series that has been created especially for Disney Plus.

The creator of the show is A.C. Bradley and it is based on the Marvel Comics series that goes by the same name. The series is as exciting as its name sounds to be. What If lays the entire spotlight on the fact that what would happen if the major moments from the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have actually occurred in a different manner than they actually did.

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When might What If, produced by the Marvel Studios, actually come out on Disney Plus?

The process of production on this series is being handled excellently by the Marvel Studios. What is going to be the first animated television show by Marvel after they have become their own company meant for the production processes? Bradley also serves as the head of writers on the crew of What If while we also have Bryan Andrews directing this tale.

If we go on and try to discuss the future point in time when What If might get released on streaming service provider Disney Plus then you all guys would be pretty disappointed to know that there is no date decided for its launch yet. The first installment of the show is going to comprise of 10 episodes. Various media outlets are speculating on the fact that What If might get a release date by the middle half of 2021. It is also to be noticed that all the episodes will be released weekly rather than coming out all at once.

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