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Marvel Reportedly Accused Of Copying Alien Cover

Here is what we know about the accusations made against Greg Land by Tristan Jones for copying his work!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe must be well aware of who Tristan Jones is. For those who do not know, Tristan is a comic illustrator of an upcoming series called Aliens and as of right now, he has been accused of copying the work of Aliens Omnibus and its first volume. This cover was created by Greg Land and he accused Jones of copying his artwork for the cover of a new edition.

After this series of incidents, we had Jones go on the social media platform Twitter and write on his personal handle that he has been stewing about this issue all night and he more than sure that he has been Greg Landed. He also added that Greg’s cover the upcoming omnibus in Marvel comics as well as his own drawing.

Here is what Jones said on Twitter about this issue!

He said he saw then on Instagram and was able to recognize all the hands right away. He also went on to test the comparison on Photoshop which seemingly proved that there was a match between his own work and that of Land’s.

It should also be known to everyone that this is not the first time that Land has been accused by other artists to copy their works and the fact was obvious when Jones used the term, Greg Landed. The land has previously been accused as well as shamed for lifting up horrible images and then using them for series such as Fantastic Four along with Ultimate Power. All this whil3, these allegations which are made against him, Land has denied them all.


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