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Man Who Allegedly Attacked Several Women Sentenced To 50 Years In Prison

A man was sentenced to 50 years in jail after attacked two women in Fort Worth over two years.

According to a source, the 23 years old, Justin Lacey Ray was sentenced to 50 years for the September 2017 assault on a female jogger on the Trinity Trails, and 20 years for another assault two weeks earlier. He will assist them concurrently.

Ray was noticed on the Trinity Trails

Ray was noticed on the Trinity Trails by a bystander at 5:30 p.m., relaxing on a chair wearing black shorts in the Sept. case. He took off his clothes and began riding his bike in circles around her, so she left the place to call the cop.

After about 30 minutes, the victim was strolling near the tennis courts on the way when she noticed him sitting nearby, bare body.

The woman started running in the opposite direction and dialed 911. Ray then jumped on his bike, caught up with her, and hit her.

She said to him he was calling 911, while he flung her phone in the river, grabbed her and started beating her.

This was a cruel beating

‘This was a cruel’ officer Kevin Boneberg stated, entirely random attack and that it was one of the most brutal beatings they’d ever seen anyone survive.

Two weeks earlier to the assault, Ray tried to physically assault another young woman close to Fort Worth dog park, using a small knife she carried to protect herself and shaking it against her.

Later, Ray said to the official that he wanted to kill the victim on the way.

Official Paul Nguyen matched Ray’s cruelty and vicious nature to Ted Bundy.

Ray declared guilty to tried capital murder, aggravated physical assault, and aggravated assault in revenge for the Trinity Trails assault.

He declared guilty to attempted aggravated physical assault for the dog park assault. Ray will also have to file as a physical offender for the remainder of his life.

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