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Man Sentenced To Months In Prison After He Allegedly Killed Another Man In A Bar

A 26 years old man who is from Queens, Newyork, has been convicted to six months in prison for sucker-punching a fellow patron outside a bar who struck his head on the sidewalk and died.

The 26 years old man named Steven O’Brien got into a dispute with a victim, 21 years old Daniel “Danny” McGee, a well-known Gaelic football player in Ireland, outside the Gaslight, a bar on Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside soon before 3:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving 2018.

The feud ended while O’Brien hit the McGee

According to the police, the feud ended when O’Brien suddenly hit McGee in the face. McGee fell to the ground, hitting his head against the sidewalk. He was going to a nearby hospital, where he died that day from blunt force injury.

O’Brien, a fellow Irishman, escaped but turned himself into deputy the next day and was charged with the attack. He initially declared not guilty. He later declared guilty.

This was a ridiculous dispute

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz stated Thursday, ‘This was a ridiculous dispute outside a bar that ended tragically.’

‘The victim’s death comes into a category of cases that have become identified as a ‘one-punch homicide’ – where a single blow ends in death, and the only purpose that can be proved is to cause a physical wound.

Under the cases overseeing our lawyer’s circumstances, the highest charge the facts would support was an attack in the third degree.’

Further, Katz added, ‘The family of the victim were informed of the limitations of this case and understood and were supportive of this result.’

McGee’s parents traveled to New York from County Longford, Ireland got to now O’Brien’s guilty plea in November.

McGee was born in the U.S. and went to Ireland with the family when he was 5. He had back to New York for job opportunities, just about a year before his death, according to a source.

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