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Man Reported 24-Year-Old Girlfriend To Police For Biting And Scratching During Intimate Relationship

A man had reported her 24-year-old girlfriend to the police for biting and scratching him during intimate activities.

Report The Police

24-year-old Kristan Parris was informed by her boyfriend Taylor Hayes to Metro Nashville Police for having rough with him during intercourse.

At around 1:25 am on January 1st, Kristan Parris and Taylor Hayes were paid a little visit by the Metro Nashville Police because Hayes reported the police to tattle on Parris for going too rough with him during intercourse. The police then arrested Parris.

According to the arrest affidavit, “On arrival, the victim told that his girlfriend Kristan Parris started to bite and scratch him while, or slightly before, they started some intimate activities. The victim said that the biting and scratching was beyond the scope of their regular intimacy. The victim presented with two bite marks, one to his arm and one to his back. The victim also showed with many scratches to his back. The victim advised that ‘about three weeks ago’ she punched him many times but did not report the incident.”


For that, 24-year-old Parris was charged with domestic assault, and she was taken to the Davidson County prison. Parris was released on a $500 bond. Parris has a trial on January 14 for this case.

The authorities have not released further information about the case as the trial of the matter is on January 14.

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