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Man Pretends To Be A Uber Driver, Abducted And Molested A Woman

A man has been arraigned on Thursday for kidnapping and molestation charges in connection with accusations that he pretended to be an Uber driver and assaulted a woman leaving a Boston club.

Man Pretends As Uber Driver

Alvin R. Campbell Jr. pretended to bean Uber driver and kidnapped a woman outside a holiday party at the Harp Club on December 7, sources reported. Once the woman went outside the club, the woman ordered an Uber, but that driver eventually canceling the ride “at the last minute.” At this point, prosecutors said that Campbell arrived and “identified the woman by her name.”

The victim later ended up in Cumberland, Rhode Island. “The next thing she recognized was a man on top of her,” prosecutors said to the Boston Municipal Court. Once the victim made her return to Boston, she underwent an examination at Massachusetts General Hospital. The hospital’s physical assault division gathered forensic evidence, with law enforcement later collecting surveillance videos and cellphone data points, revealing that Alvin R. Campbell Jr. took her from Boston to Cumberland.

Accused Sister Is A Councilor

Alvin R. Campbell Jr.’s sister is a Boston City Councilor, Andrea Campbell. She published a statement on the accusations against her brother, and she also stated her brother probably be linked to two other physical assault cases in 2016 and 2017.

Councilor Campbell said that “I am extremely heartbroken and disheartened and devastated by these accusations. I am, of course, thinking about the woman who had the strength to come forward.”

While Campbell is stated to have been acting to be an Uber driver, the Uber company shared a safety report about its team of drivers last month, noting that 3,045 physical assaults were reported during rides in 2018.

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