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Man Detained For Trafficking Narcotics And Robbing A Store

A man from Norfolk was convicted to 28 years in jail after pleading guilty to a laundry list of charges associated with an armed burglary at a Sprint store in January of 2019, along with armed trafficking.

Tajh Rodgers, who is 30-year-old, confessed to working with someone in a violent armed burglary of a Sprint store in Colonial Heights.

Throughout the robbery, Rodgers and his assistant stormed the business and forced two workers to the back of the store at gunpoint.

They ordered the workers to lie on the floor, tied them up, and frightened to kill them if they tried to call the police.

A customer came to the store throughout the robbery, and Rodgers let one of the store employees go-to guide the customer with the warning that the worker would be killed if he tried to warn the customer.

Around $25,000’s items were stolen

Rodgers and the other burglar robbed many new phones and electronics from the store along with items from a safe. A total of 72 items priced at about $25,000 were stolen.

Detectives were able to link the robbery to an illegal substance trafficking investigation in Norfolk, where he involved in many armed narcotics transactions.

He also marketed rifles also on different events during the transactions of illegal substances and was armed with the same gun he used during the robbery of the Sprint store.

Guns and various items discovered after an investigation

The officials were able to get a search warrant for the house he was living in Norfolk.

Deputies noticed that guns and several items related to the robbery, along with illegal substances and other things associated with Rodgers’ continuing illicit trafficking substance investigation.

Rodgers declared guilty of robbery concerning commerce, utilizing, carrying, and brandishing a firearm throughout a robbery and three counts of possession of a gun in the promotion of trafficking of illegal substances.

Rodgers’ sentence was one of 20 that made up law implementation’s ‘Operation High Tide.’

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