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Man Accused Of Killing A BLM Activist Admits Crime

In the newly released court documents, the Florida authorities state that Aaron Glee Junior, repeatedly admitted to the kidnapping and killing of longtime volunteer Black Lives Matter Oluwatoyin Salau and Victoria Sims – two women recently made friends during demonstrations of brutality police and systemic racism.

Charges against Glee

Glee’s arrest report, obtained from the people, states that the 49-year-old spoke to the police after giving up his right to keep silent. He was charged with two charges of murder, kidnapping and assault.

According to the report, Glee has confessed to having committed crimes on several occasions and provided details about them to the police in Tallahassee, where the crimes occurred on separate days, and in Orlando, where he was eventually arrested by officers.

Police say Glee claimed to have been in touch with Salau first – a student and protester active in the Black Life movement – on June 6, a few hours after saying that another man had been physically assaulted. The two met at the bus stop in Tallahassee and claim to have suspected him for the molestation, which she described.

Salau would have told Glee that she had nowhere to stay and offered to take her back to her home, where she could shower and sleep.

Sims picked up both and left to Glee’s house

According to the police, Glee called Sims, whom he knew about volunteering, and said that sometimes he would give him tours and bring him meals. The Sims collected them in a white Toyota car and took them to a Glee, where they left them.

Shortly after arriving at his home, Glee told Salau to take a shower. So, according to the report, he tried to physically molest her, but she refused and resisted him.

Police say he later confessed to having beaten and molested Salau before connecting her.

According to the report, Glee kept Salau in his home for 3-5 days, without replacing her except for eating and swimming. Police say they confessed that they “physically assaulted her several times during these 3-5 days”.

Glee confessed his crimes:

Glee is said to have admitted that after Salau’s death Sims was also kidnapped and tied with a rope. Investigators believe Glee ransacked his apartment before being kidnapped and escaping from his car – which was found outside Gelle’s home – stuck in the mud.

Salau’s missing was reported on June 6, while Sims disappeared on June 11.

On June 13, Tallahassee police tracked Sims’ cell phone to a normal home, where they found her under a bloody cover in a bedroom. Salau’s body was found in the woods behind his house, covered in leaves.

No official cause of death has been revealed in this case.

Authorities say Glee escaped to Orlando on a bus before Tallahassee officers arrived at his home.

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