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LUCIFER: Full Story Season 1 To Season 4 With Cast Detail

Lucifer Morning Star, the Devil, He is the one who changed the scenario of town. Netflix now has its broadcasting rights, and power-packed four seasons are running riot on the platform. So we are here to provide every single detail regarding the Devil Incarnate.

Here’s A Brief Recap of Every Season, and after reading this, you won’t need to watch the show.

Who Is Lucifer?

Lucifer is indeed a devil, but before he has thrown to Hell, he was an angel. Fallen Angel, in simple words, Lucifer is one of God’s sons, and as a punishment, he been offered to Hell and become the conqueror of the underworld. After his coronation in Hell, he ruled it for years and decided to seek revenge from his father and charged a rebellion against him. He got failed miserably, and after that, he been ordered to remain in Hell for all eternity, and Heaven’s gates closed forever for him. Thus, later he became the torturer of Hell.

Modern Representation

Now Lucifer has its modern representation, and he wants himself relieved from his duty and looking for a Vacation. So he headed for the City of Angles Los Angles, and later his life got completely changed.

Lucifer Characteristics

Lucifer is dashing and a wealthy owner of a club called LUX in L.A. He took the help of someone who grants new identities to the people, and thus, he already existed for five years in the official records of the state department. He comprises of such powers which tend to know the secret wishes of the people. He just stares you for a while, and bam, you will swallow all the secrets inside and your endless desires.

Now we are heading season-wise as the story moves forward, so sit back as it will be a long journey to cover.

Lucifer Season 1
Source: Comic Book

Lucifer: Full Story Of Season 1 With Cast Detail

The first season obviously includes the introduction of protagonists and the motives of the show.



  • Tom Ellis
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt
  • D.B. Woodside
  • Kevin Alejandro
  • Lauren German
  • Rachael Harris
  • Scarlett Estevez
  • Kevin Rankin
  • Heather Tom

Season 1 Episode 1- Pilot

Now the Devil riding in his 61-62 Corvette and pushing the speeding limits and then caught by the traffic police. Then the magic comes, and he asks the officer for his desires and bribes him. This is the moment when the intro is just not getting any better. Then he entered his owned club LUX and met his friend Mazikeen and then the intro of his brother Amenadiel who possessed the ability to stop the time, and he asks him to return where he belongs, and Lucifer denied his request. He met a girl named Delilah, and after some conversation., they headed outside, and the girl was murdered by someone and injuring Lucifer as bullets have no such impact on him.

The Killer engaged in a crash and revealed that he just pulled the trigger. Then the moment of surprise and another lead Detective Decker is on its way at the crime. She enquired about Lucifer about what happened, and he claimed that he had a conversation with him. Chloe explained to him that the girl was killed by a narcotics dealer. Later, Lucifer tried his trick on Chloe and didn’ t work out. Much later in the episode, they found the guilty party, and Chloe was shot and became irresponsive, and at the same time, Lucifer shot six times in his back and then punish Jimmy in his own nomadic style. Chloe barely saw what happened, and she woke up in the hospital and recovering. Then, in the end, Amenadiel came up to him and confronted him again for a possible return.

Season 1 Episode 2- Lucifer Stay. “Good Devil”

At the start of the episode, Lucifer showed his real face to Padre, and he got scared. Then Lucifer looking for his mental sessions and met Dr. Linda, who thoughtfully listens to him, and she charged the fees in some other way. Chloe arrived at Lux and have a word with Mazikeen, and Lucifer sang a song for the crowd. After that, Chloe confronted him and mentioning the fact that he got six times and still alive. She found out that there was no bulletproof jacket, and yet, he manages to pull off the death around the corner.

On the other hand, Lucifer also suspects her that his abilities don’t work on her, and then she got a dispatch call and asked to investigate. Robbie Russel Jr died in an accident, and then Lucifer crashed at the crime scene and suspected Paparazzi killer Nick gets caught, and Lucifer did his trick on him and interrupted on the verge when he’s about to reveal something. Lucifer destroyed the evidence by destroying it. Amenadiel again showed up at his suite and asked him to go back to Hell. Lucifer reached the door of Detective Decker and accusing her of taking bribes after exploring her house. Lucifer found more about her personal life, and then they headed to Precinct, and Lucifer interrogated Nick in his devilish style.

So ultimately, Lucifer now teamed up with Chloe and assisting her with the case. They are looking for the media personals who pursued Robbie, and they finally found one, and distractions were on its way. But somehow they managed to catch the paparazzi, but it wasn’t him as they suspected. Detective Decker advised Lucifer to stay away from his police work and interrogated Nick once again. But as the turn of events, the photographer is the guilty party, and Lucifer uncovered it all with the help of Mazikeen. Lucifer called Amenadiel to stop the time and prevent any casualties from happening. Chloe again suspecting as Nick pulled the trigger, and photographer Josh was detained.

Season 1 Episode 3- The Would-Be Prince Of Darkness

The third episode starts with Lucifer is enjoying his lush life and encourage a girl to jump into the pool. He met Ty, a celebrity who didn’t get laid and Lucifer and advised him to live his life with full potential. Then Ty told Lucifer that he needs a favor, and then Lucifer called Detective Decker as a causality happened, and Ty got framed for it. Then Lucifer assisting Detective Chloe while investigation and Chloe declined his offer. She called her ex-husband to investigate the case and looking for evidence. She found a car key, and his identification got revealed with the help of her license. Then they found something in Ty’s bedroom, and Lucifer found a phone which has tape on it, and Ty got arrested for the murder of Ali. Lucifer concluded the fact that Ty’s not the Killer, but Chloe refused his claims. Lucifer advises Chloe to go through the phone one more time, and Chloe sends her away, and he returned to the club.

Lucifer then banged the doors of Doctor Linda Martin and expressing the whole scenario. She guided him, and then he already at the destination where Chloe tend to head. Lucifer tracked the phone records, and Chloe looking for Ty’ agent Joe Hanson. Lucifer is dealing with his imposter, who was defaming him with his lifestyle. Lucifer and Chloe discovered that Joe Hanson is the final culprit as he was afraid of losing Ty’s management. Lucifer just pushed Tya, and he fell out of the building, and Chloe again suspected her powers. Lucifer showed his importance regarding the case, and Chloe also seems impressed by his antics. At the end of the episode, Chloe examined the footage of Lucifer shoving Joe.

Season 1 Episode 4- Manly Whatnots

Lucifer Broke into Chloe’s house while she was taking a shower, and Chloe showed him the way out. Then Lucifer decides to take a Session with Dr. Linda, and then suddenly, there was a case called for Chloe. Lucifer And Chloe again reunited with Lucifer to find Lindsay Jolson, who was missing. Meanwhile, Chloe cleared the air about she doesn’t have any intention to get physical with him. In the end, they both found out that Lindsay kidnapped herself to take revenge from his lover. Lucifer showed Lindsay his devil face while taking the matter into his own hands.

Season 1 Episode 5- Sweet Kicks

Lucifer and Maze attend a fashion show, and then a woman was shot to death. Meanwhile, the famous kicks maker Benny Choi is suspected to be a cover killer. Maze escorting Lucifer outside the show, and Lucifer appeared at Precinct. Lucifer approached Luitenant and suggested her to involve in cases as support. Lucifer promised her for her desired post in the police force.

Lucifer and Chloe are progressing to further investigation and meet Benny and talking about his past life. Amenadiel approached Dr. Linda as Dr. Kannan, and he wants to know Linda better and pulls out some facts about Lucifer. Maze warning Lucifer that he is changing, and Maze cleared the air about she is not jealous of Chloe Decker. Maze saved Lucifer and Chloe from Mr. Viper’s gang. As they were in the middle of a gang war and Decker advised Diego to stop his antics. But the real murderer is Benny, and he framed Viper for the murder of Paula.

Season 1 Episode 6- Favorite Son

The episode starts with Lucifer singing about Sinnerman, and a shipment is loaded in the docks. Suddenly the guard was choked by someone, and the shipment got stolen. Lucifer is now a civilian consultant and has to summon upon when Chloe needs him. Then Lucifer left the case as he finds it annoying, But later it is revealed that Container was missing belongs to Lucifer himself. However, Dan seeks out to take the records of Lux and wants to know what’s inside the Container.

Lucifer and Chloe commenced their search for the containers and looking for those who are part of the Black Market. Amenadiel getting closer to Dr. Linda Martin and talks about Lucifer. Lucifer told Chloe that Container has Russian Dolls in it. Lucifer chased the dealer, and there were gunshots towards him and asked him the one who stole the Container. He showed him his devil face, and he jumped out of the building and committed suicide. Lucifer saw the deals, but it was just a cover, and he was looking for his angelic wings.

Season 1 Episode 7- Wingman

Lucifer is getting worried about its wings and trying every way possible to retrieve them. He and Amenadiel chatting on the beach about his life and tell him about the stolen wings and demand help from him. Lucifer also confesses to Chloe that there was something more to that Container, and he talked about his angelic wings, and Chloe took it as a joke. Chloe talked about the Palmero case and how Malcolm got shot. Lucifer showed him the wings and find that there will be a charity ball that features exquisite masterpieces, which includes Lucifer’s wings.

Lucifer accompanied by Amenadiel for the charity to re-acquire what’ belongs to Lucifer. With the help of FBI raid, Lucifer managed to pull out the wings, and Amenadiel stopped the time for a while so that Lucifer could possess it. But in the end, Lucifer finds out that the wings are fake. Lucifer showed up at the dealer’s doorstep, and then he found his real wings and find out that Amenadiel was behind these antics. Lucifer burnt his wings in front of Amenadiel, but Maze still kept a feather out of it.

Season 1 Episode 8- Et Tu Doctor

Its Lucifer’s birthday, Chloe and Dan are celebrating his birthday in their style. Malcolm’s back and joking with Chloe. Lucifer is continuing to have sessions with Dr. Linda and telling about his problems. Dr. Bernie shaw got murdered, and Lucier asking Chloe about therapy sessions. A man is attempting suicide, and Lucifer jokes with him and encourages funnily, and he saved him from trying it. Lucifer suspected the man for the murder of Dr. Shaw, and he reveals everything about his history. Malcolm confronting Chloe for the Palmetto case. Dr. Linda accompanied Chloe and Lucifer helping them in the case.

Finally, they found the Killer, and Lucifer approached Linda for remaining payments. Linda signaled for a breakthrough and suggested him to keep their relationship professional. He asked Dr. Cannen as he suspected that he is none other than Amenadiel. Chloe and Dan kissed each other unexpectedly, and Dan encountered Malcolm as per his request. Lucifer confronted Maze to telling Amenadiel about Dr. Linda and claim that she betrayed him.

Season 1 Episode 9- A Priest Walks Into A Bar

At the start of the episode, Lucifer completed Pizza Delivery’s guy fantasy. Dr. Linda claimed that he is lonely despite surrounding by the people. She referred to it as a friend, and he also accepts the fact. He is not sure about Chloe and his relationship. Father Frank Lawrence comes and greets Lucifer and asks for a favor. A kid named Connor is engaging in narcotics activity, and the father wants to convince Arrieta. Lucifer declined to help him, and then Lucifer and Chloe found out that Arrieta is already dead.

They asked Head Counselor Eric Doyle, and he claimed that Lenny is a good boss. Lucifer suspected Priest about the possible Killer, and Eric told his whereabouts. In the end, Eric Killed Father Frank, and he was also the Killer of Lenny Arrieta. Father Frank is on the verge of his death, and he knows about Lucifer and told him that his father has a plan. Lucifer tried to choke Eric, and Chloe told him to stop.

Season 1 Episode 10-  Pops

At the start of the episode, Chef, Xavier, murdered, possibly with poison. Chloe’s Mother Penelope Decker greets with Lucifer. Every staff member got interrogated, and everyone has some problems with Pops. They questioned Xavier’s son, and he claimed they had some issues with him. Lucifer used his trick to extract information and found out that he wants to have dinner with his dad. Malcolm told Dan to stole a gun, and he seized and asked the reason, and Dan wants to know the motive behind it.

Malcolm clears the air that he wants to kill Lucifer and wants Dan to do it. Trixie fled away and reached Lucifer’s place, and she greets Maze. They managed to find the Killer, and she intended to kill Junior and mistakenly killed Xavier Senior. In the end, Dan refused to kill Lucifer and also don’t let Malcolm kill him. They got into a fight and beat the Hell out of Dan and made him unconscious. Chloe reached Lucifer after she was drunk as Dan texted her for the settlement.

Season 1 Episode 11- St Lucifer

Chloe woke up in Lucifer’s bed and thought she got physical with Lucifer. Tim Dunlear got murdered, and Lucifer and Chloe investigating his murder. Malcolm tied up Dan and expressed his intentions regarding Lucifer. Through the thorough investigation, Chloe and Lucifer found out that  Tim was in a relationship with Kyle. Tim texted a photo to Kyle, and he didn’t have any idea about it. Dan asked Malcolm about his intentions and why he is doing all this? Maze confronted Amenadiel for his antics against Lucifer, and she’s still mad about him. Dan finally managed to escape from Malcolm’s grip.

Malcolm reached Lucifer’s Doorstep and wanted to kill him. He told Lucifer that he made a deal with Amenadiel, and he was hired to kill him. Lucifer showed his devilish face, and Malcolm doesn’t have any effect on it. Lucifer told him that Amenadiel couldn’t kill him as angels are not designed to. Lucifer gave him the coin and settled the conflict between him and Malcolm. Mrs. Dunlear behind the murder of Tim Dunlear as she wants to take over his foundation. Chloe also disclosed everything, and his secretary revealed all the secrets.

Season 1 Episode 12- #TeamLucifer

Maze testing Lucifer’s vulnerability by throwing knives at him and claimed that she wants to throw at Chloe also. Lucifer sends Maze to get closer to him and to know about his antics. Lucifer ignored Chloe for three weeks, and she appeared in his room to take him with her for a case. Someone murdered a girl and inscribed Hail Lucifer on her back. Malcolm working on the same case and meets with Lucifer. Dan wants to talk about the text sent from his phone, and Chloe shifts his focus on the case Amenadiel confronted Malcolm and told everything about the coin. Lucifer and Chloe proceed with their investigation about Rose’s murder. Lucifer wants to know that Chloe is an angel or not and looking for a possible mark. Amenadiel and Lucifer are battling it out after they both used the same ways to manipulate each other. Maze stopped them and claimed that she was the pawn, and they both used her for their benefit. In the end, Lucifer framed for murder.

Season 1 Episode 13- Take Me Back To Hell

Malcolm killed someone and put it on Lucifer and everyone, including Chloe pointing a gun at him. Lucifer disappeared from the scene, and Chloe requested a search. Amenadiel helped him get out of the situation, and Lucifer told him that he doesn’t need to kill him as he wants to return to Hell. Malcolm retrieve the knife, which could Celestials and possibly Lucifer. Dan revealed everything about Palmetto, and Chloe asked him to fix things and prove Lucifer’s innocent. Lucifer and Amenadiel cleared the air about their connection and claimed that they are brothers. Lucifer is now taking Amenadiel’s identification to the next level. Malcolm’s wife fired some shots at Chloe and Maze as she mistook as Malcolm.

Dan told the whereabouts of Malcolm to Lucifer, and Lucifer andAmenadiel disappeared. Malcolm was dealing with Tommy, and he tried to loot him on gunpoint. Lucifer and Amenadiel dealing with thugs and beat the Hell out of them. Chloe also reached the vantage point, and Malcolm stabbed Amenadiel with Maze’s Knife. Lucifer left him and pursued Malcolm, and Maze came to the rescue. Chloe firing shots at Malcolm and found Lucifer and pointing the gun at him. Chloe and Lucifer united to catch Malcolm, and Dan came up with evidence and Maze healing Amenadiel with Lucifer’s Feather. Dan turned himself in, and Malcolm abducted Trixie and wants to retrieve his money.

Chloe left the Precinct with cash, and Malcolm warned her about Lucifer. Chloe told him about Trixie’s situation and asked Lucifer to let her go alone to face Malcolm. Chloe asked for Trixie before handling the money to him, and she told Trixie to hide. Lucifer came in the way and now demand Malcolm’s gun. Malcolm shot Lucifer, and now Lucifer made a deal with God, and he wants to do everything, and in return, he demands Chloe’s safety. Lucifer summoned back to Hell and had visions of an open gate and suspected someone’s return from Hell. Malcolm got shot by Chloe, and Lucifer vanished the coin as he used it. Lucifer told Amenadiel that someone ran away from Hell, and the one got away is their Mother.


Lucifer: Full Story Of Season 2 With Cast Detail

Season 2

Lucifer Season 2
Source: YouTube


Season 2 Episode 1- Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer

Lucifer and Amenadiel are worrying about their Mother’s arrival, and they are suspected that a recent death could be the one that their mom possessed. Lucifer told Linda about her mom. Lucifer now got distracted by her Mother’s arrival, and he is worried that she is going to kill him as he tortured her in Hell. Dan’s got reinstated and now working under-ranked. Finally, Lucifer’s Mother appeared his doorstep and got unconscious upon her arrival. She got his body after some dead ones back, and then finally, she finds the famous advocate Charlotte Richards.

Season 2 Episode 2- Liar Liar Slutty Dress On Fire

The episode starts with briefly explained Lucifer’s Mother’s arrival and now interacting with Lucifer. He wants her Mother to go back to Hell and wants to summon Amenadiel to do it. She asserted the fact that his husband put her into Hell, and Lucifer also made some facts about the betrayal.

Ella, the new forensic expert, is now heading the office, and Lucifer and Chloe are solving a case. Lucifer left his Mother with Charlotte and wants her to torture her again. Maze and Lucifer’s Mother engaged in a heated argument and told her about the deal. Amenadiel is losing its powers, and Lucifer’s Mother is getting closer to him and made noodles for him. Lucifer agreed not to send her back to Hell.

Season 2 Episode 3- Sin Eater

Lucifer and Chloe again back to their routine and investigating a murder, and this is pretty different from others. The videos of the crimes keep on surfacing social media. Lucifer’s mom as Charlotte Richards enjoying her life and spend most of the time clubbing and meeting new people. Amenadiel meets with his Mother, and Lucifer made a deal with her Mother as he wants her to replace Charlotte Richard, her profession, and everything and labeled it as a price to pay to meet his children. She came to know that she still possesses incredible powers and has something in her mind.

Season 2 Episode 4- Lady Parts

Now Chloe and Lucifer are working on the case where two L.A transplants found poisoned. Charlotte is back to its routine and spending her daily life and finally reunited with her family. Amenadiel taking sessions with Dr. Linda and come more closer to her. Maze and Chloe are hanging out, and Chloe thinks that its an act of friendship, but its Lucifer who made all the fuss. Linda is also getting along with them and enjoying the company. Chloe getting injured while investigation and finally caught the Killer.

Season 2 Episode 5- Weaponizer

Now the case is heading to the Chloe and Lucifer as Lucifer’s favorite action movie hero Wesley Cabot got murdered. Longtime rival Rolf Van Zandit is suspected of the murder. The situation got more complicated, as Uriel ( Brother) showed up, and he revealed the lost powers of Amenadiel as he faced him in a battle. He wants to take his mom with him as his dad ordered him to do so.  Later Uriel and Lucifer got into a fight as he wants to kill Detective Decker with his unusual patterns. However, the end of the battle results in Lucifer’s death as he got killed by Asrael’s Blade, which is the angel of death. Uriel murmured something in his ear as he passed away. Lucifer told his Mother that he killed Uriel.

Season 2 Episode 6- Monster

Maze and Chloe were living together and created such chaos that Chloe doesn’t allow. Devastated, Lucifer parted his ways with Detective Decker and reunited with Dan to solve the case. Amenadiel showed his Mother where he buried Uriel, and that was too emotional for both of them. Maze and Trixie celebrating Haloween together and get along with each other after Maze shifted to their house. Lucifer and Chloe found out the sniper who killed the bride. Lucifer can’t control his emotions and taking suggestions from Linda and tell everything to her. He even unlocked all the secrets by showing his devilish face to her, and she got so shocked after seeing his pure form.

Season 2 Episode 7- My Little Monkey

Now Chloe’s father murderer, who was convicted for a long time, also got murdered. But the evidence leads that there was someone else who killed her father, and he was framed for it for a better money possession. Chloe also got framed for the prisoner’s death, and his daughter pointed the gun at her. Lucifer is now working with Dan and changed his attire entirely and wants to be like Dan. Deputy Warden Perry Smith was the man behind all the antics, and he got away with it. Maze came to check on Linda, and still, she does not get over with Lucifer’s true identity.

Season 2 Episode 8- Trip To Stabby Town

Now there is more trouble for Lucifer as Azrael’s Blade got stolen, and the Blade possesses powers that force someone to kill somebody around him/her. A series of stabbing happening in the town and Lucifer suspected that its all due to Azrael’s Blade. Lucifer’s mom is getting along with her professional life and gets back to work, and Lucifer suspected that she involved in the stealing of Azrael’s Blade. Finally, Dan has the Blade, and he points it at Lucifer, and thus the powers want Dan to us the Blade and kill Lucifer at the moment. Lucifer somehow managed to retrieve the Blade, and Dan again losses the effect of Blade.

Season 2 Episode 9- Homewrecker

Lucifer’s life is getting more complicated as his property is under threat. The owner of the building in which his club Lux located has been murdered. Now Lucifer and Chloe are looking for the Killer. Lucifer’s place is under threat as the new owner wants to demolish the site. Lucifer crossed every limit to protect his home and find the Killer. Lucifer finds out that her mom played a vital role in pursuing a possible return to Heaven. Charlotte is getting close to Dan and Maze and Amenadiel on the other hand. Chloe supported Lucifer in his bad times and saved his home from demolishing, and Lucifer thanked Detective.

Season 2 Episode 10- Quid Pro Ho

Charlotte is now trying every possible way to pursue Lucifer back to Heaven with her. She was fighting the case against Chloe and wants her to be prisoners. Lucifer was getting angry with the fact that Charlotte was trying to snatch Chloe away from him. Charlotte also asserted the fact that he cares about Detective more than his own family, and he doesn’t deserve humans so close to him.

Warden Perry Smith got away with the case, and Dan and Maze indirectly assassinated him and put him to justice. But still, Chloe wants to get him punished according to laws. Amenadiel sent by God to bless Penelope Decker with a child, and the God itself wants Chloe in Lucifer’s path.

Season 2 Episode 11- Stewardess Interrupts

Lucifer and Chloe about to having a pleasurable moment but eventually got interrupted by Lucifer’s lady for the day. But things got ugly as one by one Lucifer’s ex-flames getting slew by someone. Now Chloe and Lucifer find it challenging to solve this case together as they already have some feelings for each other. Maze also cleared the air about her pure form to Linda as she was okay with Lucifer’s true identity. Maze acted as an air hostess to catch the Killer of Jana and other flames. They managed to pull out the mystery, and an unknown man steals the package.

Season 2 Episode 12- Love Handles

Chloe dreamt about her and Lucifer getting physical, and Maze spotted her at the moment. Now they are investigating the case of someone who is poisoning college students. Soon Charlotte also becomes the client of Linda as she is the one who knows about the family drama. The Killer wants to implement his killings in his manner and sends videos to give a task to a specific people.

He had antidote in his room, and Lucifer could only survive the poisonous gas, and he succeeded in retaining the antidote. Chloe followed the Killer and also closed the case forever. Lucifer found out that his father sent Amenadiel to blessed Chloe’s Mother, and Charlotte explained Lucifer that this is all his father’s doing. Lucifer reached Chloe and found her bleeding as she also got poisoned and about to die.

Season 2 Episode 13- A Good Day To Die

Now Lucifer has to find the antidote as Detective got injected by the Professor while chasing him. Lucifer was taking her to the hospital, and she had a change of ideas and directing her to the Precinct. Ella being called upon for a solution, and she finds out that antidote formula should do the trick. Lucifer turned back to Hell to retrieve it, and Ella and Dan search for the solution. Lucifer finds Uriel there in a time loop and got saved by his Mother when she insisted on going back to Hell to save his son. Amenadiel is guarding the gates of Chloe’s room as ordered by Lucifer, and they finally have the formula of the antidote. Chloe’s getting normal and finds Lucifer sitting beside her.

Season 2 Episode 14- Candy Morningstar

Now Lucifer tried to get away with Chloe’s life and decided to get married. However, he returned with his wife Candy Morningstar, which shocked everybody. And when Chloe is reaching the gates of the elevator, she found him missing and Charlotte getting all along in the club. He introduced her wife to everyone around in the Precinct.

Chloe disguised herself as Candy for the investigation process and proposed the demand for divorce. Candy met with Lucifer’s mom, and she is not happy about it as she wants Chloe to get close with his son. He cleared the air about his sudden wedding and stated the fact that he got married to avenge his father’s antics. She told him about the flaming sword, which could be a turning point in his life. She asserted the fact that the sword might be their trip home. Lucifer had a sweet goodbye with Candy as it’s all made up to cover up his issues.

Season 2 Episode 15- Deceptive Little Parasite

Now the flaming sword is becoming their motive and the family trying everything possible to retrieve it. Chloe was also fighting with her feelings, and a therapist got murdered. So the team got reunited once again for the case and started their thorough investigation. Chloe and Maze acted as a couple to extract the information about the homicide. They found the Killer in the end, and Lucifer again taking suggestions from Dr. Linda about his father’s antics.

Season 2 Episode 16- God Johnson 

Now the best part of the season as there will be an indirect appearance of The Almighty. Some people named Johnson claimed that he is God, and indeed he knows everything when Lucifer tried to confront him. God and Goddess had some closure moments as they both are not in their pure form but still lively. Later on, as the situations turned ugly, Lucifer told him that he is angry with him, and they both got in a situation where they both could be killed by a nurse but somehow rescued. A piece from his waist belt fell upon, and Lucifer discovered that it is the missing piece of the sword of flame. He also asserted the fact that this is what Uriel tries to tell him when he died. Now there is just one piece left for the sword of the flame and Lucifer’s Mother hanging out with Dan.

Season 2 Episode 17- Sympathy For Goddess

Everybody is looking for the missing piece of the sword, and Chloe and Charlotte are working together to extract the information. Maze and Lucifer engaged in a fight, and Maze complained about Lucifer’s treatment with people. They both arrived at Linda to clear the disputes between them and have duo therapy. Charlotte is now looking for the missing piece of the sword, and she made a deal with the dealer and have to steal the evidence from the phone.

Charlotte cleared the air about Lucifer and her and asserted that she is his father’s ex. The missing piece was something else, and the book comprises of some ancient languages and to crack the code for the sword. Amenadiel knows that language, and he claims that it takes days to crack the code. Charlotte killed Chet as he stabbed her as she still possesses some of her powers. Amenadiel cracked the code, and the God shattered the shadow of the flame in three pieces, Azrael’ Blade, The Medallion of Life, and a key that binds them all together. It is said that God is entrusted with the key to his favorite son. Ammendiel suspects that Lucifer’s ring is the key but, in reality, its Ammendiel pendant.

Season 2 Episode 18- The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

Lucifer and Ammendiel are joking about the missing piece of the flaming sword. Lucifer said that their father is manipulating once again. Charlotte is looking for Dr. Linda to heal her wounds as she got a space wide open after killing Chet. Charlotte finds out they found the missing piece of the sword, and she said she wants to go back to the gates of Heaven. Lucifer finds out that she killed Chet and has to take her to Heaven before Chloe finds out.  Maze made Amenadiel unconscious as she tries to retrieve the final piece. Charlotte injured Linda, and she is on the verge of death, but Maze and Amenadiel reached out for her. Charlotte fought with both Lucifer andAmenadiel.

Chloe finds out that Charlotte killed Chet, and she wants the missing piece altogether. Amenadieltold him that Dan has the missing piece, and Lucifer retrieves it. Hector pointing the gun at Charlotte and Amenadiel, stops the time once again to take Linda to the hospital. Time stops Hector fires, and Lucifer and other celestials stay still, and Lucifer took Charlotte and sends her to the different dimensions to keep her safe. Dan finds Charlotte unconscious, and Linda successfully conveyed to the hospital. Now Charlotte is in its pure form, and she forgets about everything. Lucifer called Chloe to tell her that he wants to tell her everything, and suddenly he got kidnapped and found himself in the desert and gets his wings back.


·         Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar (18 episodes)

·         Lauren German as Chloe Decker (18 episodes)

·         Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza (18 episodes)

·         D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel (16 episodes)

·         Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen (18 episodes)

·         Tricia Helfer as Goddess (17 episodes) & Charlotte Richards (2 episodes)

·         Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez (16 episodes)

·         Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza (9 episodes)

·         Rachael Harris as Linda Martin (17 episodes)


·         Michael Imperioli as Uriel

·         Charisma Carpenter as Jamie Lee Adrienne

·         Chris Payne Gilbert as John Decker

·         Rebecca De Mornay as Penelope Decker

·         Tim DeKay as Jason Carlisle

·         Timothy Omundson as Earl “God” Johnson

Lucifer: Full Story Of Season 3 With Cast Detail

Lucifer Season 3
Source: YouTube

Season 3



·         Tom Ellis

·         Lesley-Ann Brandt

·         D.B. Woodside

·         Kevin Alejandro

·         Lauren German

·         Rachael Harris

·         Scarlett Estevez

·         Kevin Rankin

·         Heather Tom

·         Charlyne Yi

·         Tom Welling

Season 3 Episode 1- They’re Back, Aren’t They?”

Lucifer found in a desert, and now he is worried about his wings’ return. He seeks the help of Chloe to figure out the kidnapper, and promptly Lieutenant Marcus Pierce arrived at the Precinct and had an impactful impression on other officers. They find the case more compelling and found much darker secrets. Lucifer greets Amenadiel and talks about the Sinnerman and suspected that he might be behind the antics behind his kidnapping. Amenadiel told him that their father works mysteriously, and Lucifer showed him his wings, and Amenadiel told him that it’s a part of his plan.

Season 3 Episode 2-  “The One with the Baby Carrot”

Now Lucifer kept on removing his wings and burning them, and Linda concerned about the fact that he is more focused on tracking back down the Sinnerman rather than on his well being. However, there are complications with Lucifer and Chloe as their relationship getting bitter and bitter. Pierce also asserted some facts about the Sinnerman and tell everyone that he is real indeed and cause much damage to him.

Season 3 Episode 3-  “Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”

Mazikeen is a prolific Bounty hunter, and she solved many cases, and now she is heading for Canada for a case. Chloe concerned about her as the target was a severe conman and could cause much damage to Maze. But as the case progresses, it is discovered that he was framed for a murder and became a target cause he leaked some secrets about the department. Maze, Dan, and Rivers have to fight assassins to save him from getting killed. The head of the department got arrested as he is the prime suspect of the case when Rivers testify against him.

Season 3, Episode 4-  “What Would Lucifer Do?”

Ammendiel now wishes to stay on Earth and wants to adjust his life to it. He asked Lucifer for the survival tips and engaging himself in human activities. A Youth Counselor got murdered, and Chloe and Lucifer began their investigation. Lucifer getting gelled with kids and unlocks all the mysteries about the hidden narcotics empire. Amenadiel got jailed for crossing the limits with women, and Pierce saved Chloe from getting shot and got in the way of her. Lucifer finds out he lost his devil face as he saw himself in the mirror, which reveals his pure form.

Season 3 Episode 5-  “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards”

Now Charlotte Richards has her return in his original form after Goddess left her body as she moved to another dimension. She claims that she can’t remember her last two to three months as she was possessed by the Goddess, which tends to erase her memories. Lucifer and Chloe solving the Murder of a Pudding company’s employee as there were many agreements between the two rival companies. Dan greets Charlotte Richards and finds out that she does not recognize him anymore. On the other hand, Lucifer still thinks that Charlotte is his mother, and Charlotte comes close to him, and he refused. She is now working with police and tends to find the Killer, and she takes matter into her own hands.

Season 3 Episode 6- “Vegas with Some Radish”

Lucifer discovers that her ex-wife Candy is missing, and on the birthday of Chloe, he traveled to Vegas to find out what happened. He takes Ella with him, and they both investigating the matter and finds out that there were previous conflicts that made Candy fell into the trap. However, Charlotte, Chloe, Linda, and Maze celebrated the birthday of Chloe, and they all ended up in Lucifer’s room and tried to find out what’s behind the safe. In the end, Lucifer came back and gave the birthday present to Chloe. It’s a neckless made up of the bullet that Chloe shot him the first time.

Season 3 Episode 7-  “Off the Record”

Now the story revolves around a little bit of past and the time when Lucifer used to sleep with Landa after his therapy sessions. Her Husband, a Journalist, found out that he got cheated, and he collected the history of Lucifer and wants to do a feature story on him. He even greets with Lucifer and Lucifer himself told him that destroy the life of one who is sleeping with your wife. He also wants to poison him in his own club and mistakenly killed a woman in the club. In the end, it is revealed that he simply wants to destroy Lucifer’s life, and Lucifer even showed his devilish face. But unfortunately, Reese died in the end after he confronted Lucifer.

Season 3 Episode 8- “Chloe Does Lucifer”

Now Chloe and Lucifer are working on a very tough case as there is a murder connected with Celebrity Dating App. Amenadiel and Linda are getting closer and closer as he tries to comfort her after the death of her ex-husband. Now Ella is trying to avoid Charlotte as she is getting pretty scared from her behavior as she only talks about Hell and other things.

Season 3 Episode 9-  “The Sinnerman”

Lieutenant Pierce was getting back after recovering from his injuries and joined the duty. Ammnediel takes a step further with Linda and developing a love interest with her. Lucifer is now facing to face with Sinnerman as he got himself locked in a concrete metal room. Maze rescued him, and Charlotte Richards quit her previous profession and joining the Police force.

Maze confronted Linda as she is getting closer to Amenadiel, and due to past relationships, she won’t allow this to happen. Charlotte Richards was getting into her feelings and suspected that something is missing from her life. Lucifer interrogated the Sinnerman, and he already took his eyes off so that Lucifer can’t torture him.

Season 3 Episode 10- “The Sin Bin”

Now Sinnerman is blind and he hs happy about the fact as he doesn’t have to face the Devil and someone got missing. Chloe and Lucifer began their investigation, and Charlotte introduced to Trixie, and she asked about her father and her relationship. Peirce joined Lucifer and Chloe in further investigating the case, and they finally found the missing WomanWoman in a trench. Lucifer abducted Sinnerman and takes him to another home, which is pretty far away from his primary residence. He got accompanied by Mazikken, and they want to torture the sinnerman to extract the truth as he wants his Devil to face back. In the end, its a moment of surprise as Lucifer finds out that Pierce is the sinnerman itself, and he is none other than Cain himself.

Season 3, Episode 11- “City of Angels?”

Now its another episode related to the past of the Devil as he walks in the L.A. Amenadiel comes to take him back to heaven. But somehow, he got mugged and sought help as his pendant got stolen. He reached out to the police, and then he looked for Lucifer to assist him in his matter. Chloe and Dan are still married, and they try to find the Killer of MMA fighter Aidan Scott at the hands of the same person who mugged the Amenadiel. Lucifer told Maze to cut his wings, and she kept a faster out of it.

Season 3 Episode 12-  “All About Her”

Now Lucifer knows about Pierce’s true identity, and now he is truly focusing on his motives. Meanwhile, Amenadiel was facing some health issues and visited a doctor. Chloe and Lucifer are investigating the Murder of a famous suffer. Dan helped them in the case as he also knows surfing. Pierce expressed his intentions as he wants to closer to Chloe so that he can die quickly.

Season 3 Episode 13- “Til Death Do Us Part”

A Cook turned Chemistry teacher found murdered, and the strangest partnership developed to catch the Killer. Pierce and Lucifer acted like a couple and tried to find the murderer. However, they found the Killer and Lucifer took a step forward regarding Pierce’s intentions. Charlotte and Maziken are getting all along with their time-killing, and Charlotte asked about what happened to her and what was the relation between the two. Cain is wanted to die and clear the fact that he could cross any limit to remove the mark from his body. He is the first murderer of the universe who killed his brother Abel and cursed by God.

Season 3 Episode 14-  “My Brother’s Keeper”

Now Ella’s brother is getting framed for Murder after there was a diamond robbery happened. He is the prime suspect of the case as he flees away, and even the diamonds are also missing. Ella tries to cope with Maze to prove him innocent. Lucifer seeks the help of Amenadiel to help Cain in removing his mark. Amenadiel declined the fact that there was a reason to do so, and he can’t cross his father’s orders. Both engaged in a fight, and Amenadiel told him that its a punishment you deserve. Lucifer and Amenadiel had the same argument, and Lucifer is getting angry with his father’s antics regarding his manipulation.

Season 3 Episode 15- “High School Poppycock”

The best selling novelist is murdered, and Chloe and Lucifer are working upon the process of reunion as the murderer is connected through the story. They discovered that Books are based on real people from the past. Amenadiel and Linda are getting uncomfortable to make their relationship public. Chloe and Lucifer danced in the end, and it is the brightest thing about the episode.

Season 3 Episode 16- “Infernal Guinea Pig”

Now Lucifer is helping Pierce in his motive, and they want to bring Abel from Hell. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and Abel appears in a woman’s body. Amenadiel and Maze are also getting involved, and things didn’t go well. He simply wants to let Abel kill him rather than kill Abel. Abel shots him, and still, Cain is not dead, and they both are alive. Bolivians are after the body of Woman, which Abel possesses, and he got transferred to Precinct. Amenadiel and Maze are getting into a fight, and Charlotte clear about her past experiences to Linda. Abel Dies at the end, and Peirce again loses every bit of hope.

Season 3, Episode 17-  “Let Pinhead Sing!”

Charlotte tries to help Linda from her past experiences as she almost killed Linda when she was possessed by Goddess. Maziken also tried to repair her friendship with Linda as she still mad about Amenadiel and her dating. Amanediel clears the air to Pierce that he can’t help him, and he should not drag Lucifer into this. Pierce noticed that Lucifer is vulnerable when he is around Chloe and got injured. Now Pierce is trying to get close with Chloe as he took it as a sign. Lucifer is also upset about the fact that Pierce and Chloe are getting closer.

Season 3 Episode 18- “The Last Heartbreak”

Now the episode headed to the past life of Cain, and he was a detective and met his flame in 1958. Now Lucifer and Chloe are searching for a serial killer who followed the same killing patterns in 1958. Pierce guided them throughout the case, and now he is working with Lucifer and Chloe on the case, and Lucifer seems pretty uncomfortable with it. Pierce called Chloe to meet him at the same restaurant, and Lucifer claims that they don’t need a third party, and he referred it to Pierce. Pierce sets up a date with Chloe, and then the Killer tried to murder them by making them unconscious with a gas. Lucifer interrupted and saved them. Charlotte approached Amanediel, and she stated that Lucifer and he is lying to her, and she wants to know the truth. Amanediel told her everything, and Chloe is getting closer to Pierce.

Season 3 Episode 19-  “Orange Is the New Maze”

Maze is now a prime suspect in Murder, which forces Lucifer and Chloe to enter the world of bounty hunting and find out what’s happening with Maze. Maze asked Lucifer that she wants to go back to Hell, and he refuses, then she seeks out for Pierce and makes a deal with him. Lucifer and Amanediel helped Charlotte to know everything that happened with her. Lucifer showed his divine wings to her, and Chloe rode with Pierce and left Lucifer, and he seems pretty devastated with the fact.

Season 3 Episode 20-  “The Angel of San Bernardino”

Lucifer and Chloe are working on a case where a witness claims that a winged guardian angel saved her life. Lucifers suspected that it might be him as he can’t sleep at night. Chloe and Pierce are much closer than ever, and they had some moments in the evidence room. But suddenly, a turn of events brought a change in their life, and Pierce decides not to take things any further with Chloe. Lucifer told everything about Marcus, and Chloe declined the fact. Later on, Chloe devastated after Marcus left her and said it’s not worth it, and she even not been the same with Lucifer. Lucifer confronted Marcus as he hurt Chloe, and Marcus explained everything to him as he doesn’t want to hurt Chloe. His mark is gone in the end.

Season 3 Episode 21-  “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better”

Now Lucifer and Chloe are working on a case where a ballerina got murdered and Peirce back to its terms once again. But now Lucifer is jealous of him and having a competition with him. Pierce broke the deal with Maze and Lucifer pampering Detective Decker. Lucifer gifts Chloe a Car, and she rejected it. Amanediel and Charlotte are working together to know the intentions of Pierce, and she followed Pierce everywhere. Pierce asked Chloe to marry him, and she said yes while Lucifer was watching from the window.

Season 3 Episode 22-  “All Hands on Decker”

Chloe takes some work off, and now Lucifer is teaming up with Dan on a murder case. Chloe has its Bachelorette party, and Charlotte planned it differently. Chloe wants to have different plans for her wedding. Dan approached Charlotte and told her that they had something before.

Season 3 Episode 23-  “Quintessential Deckerstar”

Pierce warned Maze that she never gets home if she kills him. Pierce has its evil intentions on top, and he wants to kill Amanediel, and he nearly got succeeded, but Charlotte Richards saved him, and he got his powers back.

Season 3 Episode 24-  “A Devil of My Word”

As a turn of events, now Pierce crossed his limits and wants to kill both Lucifer and Chloe, and he fired several shots at Lucifer, and he saved her by his angelic wings. Later on, Lucifer managed to Kill Cain, and Chloe saw his devilish face at the end.

Season 3 Episode 25- “Boo Normal”

Ella is now seeing a ghost, but later it was revealed that it’s Lucifer’s sister. He summoned her as he got the phrase from Ella, “Smell you later.” Its Azrael who looks out for Ella since the car wreck. She asserted some facts about the rebellion, and he says he doesn’t have any problems regarding her contact with humans.

Season 3 Episode 26- “Once Upon a Time”

God creates an alternate timeline where Chloe is an actor, and Lucifer never met her. Charlotte Richards is working for Lucifer, and she is one of Lucifer’s flame, and they both had their moments. She later planned to loot Lucifer’s safe full of money by requesting Dan for the access of Penthouse. Then after some moments, Chloe and Lucifer got reunited, and they are working together on the case.


Lucifer: Full Story Of Season 4 With Cast Detail

Lucifer Season 4
Source: Den Of Geek

Season 4

Season 4 Episode 1- Everything’s Okay

The episode starts with Lucifer singing in his club and found himself surrounded by guns. He beat the Hell out of thieves by displaying his anger towards his real identity and Chloe’s sudden disappearance. Lucifer approached a crime scene and stopped by Dan and Ella responding to him, and suddenly, Chloe appeared at the crime scene. Lucifer asked Linda as she already faced the experience of seeing his devilish face and talked about the possible conditions of Chloe.

Lucifer told everything to Ella, and she took it as a joke. Lucifer mistakenly lifted Bob’s handler U.S. marshall Luke Reynolds. Maze broke into Chloe’s house and looking for an apology. Investigation proceeds, and Luke Reynolds pointing the gun at Lenore, and Reynolds shot Lucifer in hand, and Chloe saves Lenore. Lucifer followed Reynolds and stopped his car from going forward, and Chloe handcuffed him, and Maze handled his bounty to police and Trixie, and she became friends again. Chloe approached Father Kinley as she is secretly working with him to put Lucifer to justice.

Season 4 Episode 2- Somebody’s Reading Dante’s Inferno

The episode starts with Chloe reading Dante’s Inferno and collecting some facts about Lucifer. She learned about his powers and vulnerability and recalled his devilish face. Chloe and the company found Melinda’s body riverside, and then suddenly camera crew underway to the scene. Lucifer asked Chloe for a date and scene cuts to the Precinct. Dan is still mad at Lucifer for charlotte’s death.

Father Kinley convinced Chloe that Destruction followed when Lucifer walked his path to Earth. Kinley gave her a sedative to destroy Lucifer’s life, and then Ella showed them totem, which Judd The Jock found under the tree. Lucifer and Chloe interrogated other contestants and didn’t find useful for the case. Lucifer cleared the air about Hell and noticed Chloe reading Dante’s inferno.

Chloe postponed the date with Lucifer until the case is solved. Later it is revealed that Kylie had an affair with Melinda, and kylie disappeared from the sets. She tends to burn a house, and Lucifer was inside it, and then the house burned down to flames, and Lucifer got out of it like its nothing. Kylie killed Melinda as she thought that she was being played.

Lucifer and Chloe, ready for their date and loud music, distracted Chloe from pouring sedative in Lucifer’s drink. Chloe also suspected after Lucifer bleed, and Lucifer explained to her that he is vulnerable when he’s close to her. In the end, the real Killer was the cameraman who had intended to kill Chloe while she was investigating further, and Lucifer followed her and saved her. Linda told Amenadiel that she is pregnant with his child. Father Kinley played his card after Chloe decided not to help him.

Season 4 Episode 3- O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Father Kinley played his card and informed Lucifer about Chloe’s antics against him and tried to brainwash Lucifer. Lucifer behaving strangely and approached Ammenidiel, who told him that Linda’s pregnant with his child. Later on, a murder happened, and Susan Ochoa stabbed to death. Then it is found that another crime occurred, which is relatable to Susan.

But the twist in the tale that Father Kinley was the man behind the plan to execute to show the real identity of the Lucifer. Oscar was behind the Murder, and Lucifer confronted him in his house after Dan and Maze revealed the fact to Chloe and Lucifer. When Lucifer didn’t show his real face, Oscar attempted suicide, and later Lucifer found out that there’s a two-way mirror. Later on, Chloe told him everything, and Lucifer almost broke down and engaging himself in drinking. Here comes the moment when Lucifer’s old flame Eve walks in the lux and demands a drink. On the other, Lucifer comes and greets her with a strange glance.

Season 4 Episode 4- All About Eve

As Eve finally met with Lucifer and he wants her to go and booked a cab for her, but suddenly Lucifer got shot, and the driver demanded a neckless. Now Lucifer finds out that something is wrong, and he asks Eve about everything how she reached there. She recalled that she was on a plane with Pablo, who got killed, and neckless is missing. Bashir-Al Fasad is the legitimate owner of neckless, and Lucifer did a favor to him. But Chloe and Dan already used to collect some information about the neckless and Pablo. Then Lucifer and Eve reached the doorstep of Bashir and found that favor is already done.

Lucifer made a deal with him and promised to return the necklace to him. In return, he will not harm Eve as she is the only one who is the prime suspect of the case. Lucifer and Eve engaged themselves in a fight, and Chloe appeared there, and Lucifer got injured. Lucifer and Eve try to retrieve the neckless in an auction, and Eve acted as the showcase model. Turkish Pete was the man behind all the antics, and Chloe caught him after the bidding. But he reveals all, and Toby was the one who killed Pablo and takes the necklace. He takes Eve on the gunpoint, and Dan retrieves the neckless as stolen evidence. But in the end, Eve had the neckless when it fell out of Toby’s pocket. Eve and Lucifer getting closer and accepted him as he is. His devil face doesn’t bother her, and they both kissed. Chloe saw them getting closer and seems surprised.

Season 4 Episode 5 Expire Erect

Now Lucifer and Eve getting physical and spend most of their time together. Another homicide happened, and Derek Lee is the victim. Chloe asked Lucifer for his help, and he goes for auction with Chloe to find the Killer. Lucifer taking it as the last case and helped Decker in it. Amenadiell greeted with Eve and discussed some things with her. Lucifer gave a farewell party, and Ella is upset about it. Ella is getting friendly with Eve and start partying with her. Ammendiel asked Lucifer about Eve and asked him to send her back. An intruder invades the club and shot Lucifer and asks Detective Decker for help. He is possessed with a bomb trigger and planted bombs around the club.

He asked Detective Decker to find his wife and told her that she changed her name and disappeared. Dan sends sandwiches to inform Chloe that they will be going to breach through the southwest after they bring the wife of Marco. Marco’s wife stabbed her and got the trigger, and she warned everybody to get in the corner. Ella tries to diffuse the bomb while Chloe confronting Marco’s wife Leone, who is a mastermind criminal, and Dan breached the club, and Leone pulled the trigger, and Chloe jumped upon Lucifer to save him; eventually, Ella already diffused the bomb. Lucifer got unconscious, and then he received medical attention.

Season 4 Episode 6- Orgy Pants To Work

Eve met with Maze, and Lucifer headed to Precinct and talking about fantasies with Eve. Lucifer reached the crime scene with torn pants. Ammemediel felt the presence of an angel, and Remiel arrived at Earth. She told him that there is an angel baby on Earth, and Doctor Linda reached Lucifer and said to him that he missed sessions. Eve left a note that she is hanging out with Maze and Lucifer, texting her all time. Remiel cleared the air about the child and told Amenadiel that child will be taken to heaven and could not live on Earth. Lucifer mistakenly sent his gifts to Chloe and Eve, respectively, and they got exchanged. Lucifer and the company reached a nudist sanctuary and got nude for further investigation. A Police offer got killed while chasing Julian, and Lucifer got shattered. Amenadiel confessed to Remiel that the child belongs to him, and meanwhile, Lucifer terrified Julian.

Season 4 Episode 7- Devil as Devil Does

Lucifer and Eve keep on killing people and referred to punishment. Eve convinced Lucifer that she wants to work with him. One more homicide occurred, and Lucifer appeared at the crime scene with Eve. Dan found out Lucifer’s cigarette from the evidence box of Julian’ s crime scene. Eve is pretty excited working with police and the suspect looking for a lawyer. Lucifer angrily claimed that he has to punish people as he did in Hell. Dan reached out to Julian’s dad and told him about Lucifer. Remiel and Ammendiel engaged themselves in a fight, and he came out victorious.

Trixie rushed herself to Lucifer’s house, and Chloe, Dan finds out that she is not at home and went to Lucifer’s. Tiernan sent men to kill Lucifer, and he confronted them. Then Lucifer confronted Tiernan and bring him into the Precinct. Ella and Dan are getting closer and made out in the office. Detective Decker approached Father Kinley as requested. Lucifer wings are getting changed and became the same as demon ones. Father Kinley told Chloe about the prophecy and suspected Chloe that she knows about his true love. When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released. 

Season 4 Episode 8- Super Bad Boyfriend

Now Lucifer is getting its demonic form drastically, and Eve is feeling emotional as Lucifer is not attending her that much. Now Lucifer keeps on insisting on dumping Eve and making the prophecy wrong. A teen named Caleb looking for Lucifer and met Amenadiel instead, and he looks for a favor. He is a narcotic dealer and wants to get out of the business. Lucifer and Eve are doing Couple therapy as Lucifer seeks separation from Eve. Ammendiel helped the teen and told Tahir that he wouldn’t sell the stuff anymore. Ammenedial gave his neckless as collateral and promised to return the money.

Lucifer is trying every way possible to get far away from Eve. Police approached Caleb and Ammenediel and trying to cuff them. The policeman put Caleb to the ground and handcuffed him. Dan approached the scene and saved them from many casualties. Caleb is framed for the murder of the teacher, and Dan had a closure moment with Ella again. Caleb got free after the investigation, but it turned out the biggest nightmare as he got killed by Tahir and the company. Ammenediel reached the crime scene, and then he headed with Lucifer to avenge his death. Ammenediel accepts the fact that Earth is not the right place for his child.

Season 4 Episode 9- Save Lucifer

Maze is getting closer to Eve, and Lucifer is getting closer to its demonic form. His hands are already getting into devil mode, and he reached the crime scene wearing gloves. Maze and Eve are working together on Bounty hunting and Eve, considering the separation from Lucifer. Lucifer showed his hands to Chloe, and Lucifer told him that it’s already spreading. Lucifer showed the same thing to Dr. Linda in his therapy session. As the investigation process progresses, Lucifer’s body is taking its demonic form shape. Now things are getting more ugly as Lucifer’s eyes tend to change, and Chloe noticed it. Lucifer joins the party wearing masks as he doesn’t want to reveal his pure form.

Now Lucifer’s face getting all demonic, and he can’t cope with the situation. Maze and Eve freed Father Kinley, and Linda’s water got broke, and Dan has to take her to the hospital as he was amid the session with her. Maze got the text, and she wants to be with Linda and left Eve with Father Kinley. Now Lucifer is getting transformed in his original form and showed Chloe his devilish form. Father Kinley suggested a way to Eve to reunite with Lucifer as he wants to send him back to Hell with her. Father Kinley tried to kill Eve, but she managed to kill him and made him the messenger of Hell. Chloe advised Lucifer to forgive himself and get free from his devilish form. Suddenly he turned into his human form and took the first step of the change.

Season 4 Episode 10- Who’s Da New King of Hell?

Lucifer is now confident about his new beginning and enjoying his daily routine. Dancing and singing in his club and make the most of it. Eve told the whole episode to the Maze that father Kinley got killed by him, and she left her. Lucifer greets Amenadiel’s child’s Charlie and Linda. Amenadiel decides to take Charlie to the silver city, but the security band became a huge barrier. Chloe suspected the return of Father Kinley after a homicide. She went for a search and found Maze there, and she was also tracking Kinley. Dromos and Squee arrived to take Lucifer back to Hell, and Dromos appeared in Kinley’s Body.

Lucifer didn’t want to go back and made Dromos the king, but it’s nor possible as only an angel could rule the Hell. Chloe assuming that prophecy could be about demons roaming Earth and Lucifer also suspected the same but declined the fact. Now Dromos back to his antics, and he abducts Charlie to make him the new king of Hell as only angels could be the ruler. But Ammendiel got suspected as he wants to take him to the silver city, but that’s not the case. Eve tracked down Dormos through her phone, and Dormos alter the orders of Eve. Lucifer finds out that Dormos and the company want to replace him and make Charlie the new ruler of Hell. Eve confessed everything to Lucifer about her antics regarding the possible return to Hell. Lucifer and the company heading to The Mayan to settle the conflicts, and the ceremony is about to start.

But got interrupted by Lucifer and Ammandiel and Maze battle it out to retrieve Charlie back. Eve ran away with the child, and Detective Decker saved her from the demon. Lucifer about to end Dromos, and suddenly Chloe appeared there, and demons were running behind Chloe, and then Lucifer has to show its pure form to save her. Lucifer ordered all the souls to return to Hell, and everyone bows down to him. Everything turns back to normal, and now Lucifer decided to return to Hell and to rule it again. In the final scene, Lucifer sitting on the Hell’s throne and left everyone.


·         Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar

·         Lauren German as Chloe Decker

·         Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza

·         D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel

·         Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen

·         Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza

·         Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez

·         Inbar Lavi as Eve

·         Rachael Harris as Linda Martin


·         Graham McTavish as Father Kinley/Dromos

·         Vinessa Vidotto as Remiel

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So this is pretty much about Lucifer, it’s an in-depth summary of four seasons, and the fifth season will hit the Netflix screens on August 21st. So get ready to witness the return of Devil as he is currently in Hell and soon gets back on Earth for his reunion with his acquaintances.

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