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Locke & Key: Carlton Cuse Revealed The Reason For The Series Not Focused More On Horror

Locke and Key have been on a rough patch since it decided to be a series. The show is an American comic book series. It is based on the book written by Joe Hill which was been published by IDW Publishing. There are various changes made in the show mainly in the storyline of the show. Fans are really eager to know what exactly is coming.

Here we will get to know everything regarding the Locke and Key:

The reason behind the series is not focusing on horror:

When the broadcast platform dispersed the show, Shoellner Carlton Cuse was working on an upcoming adaptation of Lock and Key’s Hulu. While he kept listening when he found a new home on Netflix, he decided to take a completely different direction. His Hulu version leaned heavily on the horror element of the source material. For Netflix, he decided to go to Kalpana.

Locke & Key' review: The Netflix series opens a door that isn't ...
Source: CNN.com

Netflix has found a great success rate with a certain type of show: a little imagination, slight fear, family tension, and a lot of teenage drama. Stranger Things and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are two shows that have been very successful with this recipe. Most recently, The Umbrella Academy dubbed this formula, and it was quickly renewed for a second season.

By sticking to the same formulated approach, Netflix Locke and Key fail. If it were a show that focused more on these kids in the horrors they regularly face, as opposed to family dynamics and the mundane drama of adolescence, Netflix would bring a new kind of offering to its audience.

But instead, it introduces fans to TV shows they’ve watched over and over again. Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčmechanically and reliably approaching a solid show. But despite the possibility that she is likely to have a second season, the decision to switch Locke and Key from a horror comic primarily to a fantasy show robbed her of her potential to become legendary.

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