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Little America: Sylvester Stallone Shoots Action Thriller

As we know that Sylvester Stallone is not a newcomer to the action genre who has featured in such dangerous outings as the Rambo franchise, CliffhangerThe Expendables films, and the extensively underrated Demolition Man.

Sylvester Stallone Will Feature In The Dystopian Sci-fi Action

Now, the star is going to join another big action movie to his resumé as it has now been proved that he will feature in the dystopian sci-fi action movie Little America.

The 73 years old well-known actor Sylvester Stallone is going to add in forces with his co-action film powerhouse Michael Bay, who is on the card as executive producer for the future project.

Little America appears in a dystopian future where America has become a ruined country, is now controlled by China, and has since changed into a cruel war zone.

What Kind Of Character Sylvester Stallone will play?

Stallone will feature as a retired Army Ranger who is appointed by an Asian billionaire to discover his daughter, who has gotten herself stranded somewhere in this terrible dystopian place.

With the talented sister of the lost woman also along for the ride, Sly’s Ranger must travel the dark underbelly of eponymous Little America, a walled-off town within a city in Hong Kong where several Americans have left.

The film seems like that it would be similar to director John Carpenter’s cult-favorite dystopian action movie Escape From New York from 1981.

Featuring Kurt Russell as the eye-patch carrying badass Snake Plissken, Escape From New York similarly reflects an ex-soldier who declared criminal and sent to Manhattan, now a maximum-security jail, to save the stranded US President.

A remake of the film has been on board for years but never gotten a place, so maybe Little America can fill that space for the time being.

Little America will be reflecting a script by up-and-coming author Rowan Athale, who is also all decided to direct the film.

Details About The Movie’s Shot

The film will ostensibly start filming sometime this summer. Stallone is also all decided to feature in an imminent original superhero movie named Samaritan and expected to be shot before the shooting of Little America starts. It seems like Stallone will have a hectic year this year.

The latest outing of Stallone, Rambo: Last Blood, has got just $91 million globally, which was critically slain, so here’s wishing these upcoming projects can make up it.

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