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Letters To Santa Claus: Syfy Released Brand New Trailer For The Upcoming Movie

The trailer for Letters To Satan Claus has been released. What can we expect from Letters To Satan Claus? What are the recent updates? Here’s everything we know about the cast, release date, and plot Letters To Satan Claus.

Letters To Satan Claus trailer released!

The trailer for Letters for Satan Claus is released by SYFY. The story of the upcoming horror movie will focus on an evil Santa. This trailer reaches 2020 in winter. The fans can expect another teaser in the early winter 2020.

SYFY's Letters to Satan Claus Trailer Features a Killer Kris ...
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What can we expect from Letters To Satan Claus?

The film, set in ‘The Christmasiest Town Ever’, about Hawley Frost, a journalist who returns to his hometown and, after a particularly bad day, writes a note to the devil, calling it Santa Mail, and it all turns into a hell. The New Yorker released in 2014 had a somehow matching story about children mistakenly pronouncing Santa and calls the God of the dark and her children. There are dozens of Christmas-themed horror movies, and some of them have some variation on a haunted Santa who enjoys killing innocent people.

Here is the trailer of the upcoming movie:

The cast and crew of Letters To Satan Claus!

The cast of Letters To Satan Claus will include stars like:

  • Karen Knox as Holly
  • Miriam McDonald as Mayor Danica
  • Juno Rinaldi as Aunt Becky
  • Daniel Kash as Kevin Kevins
  • Michael Xavier as Noel
  • Franco Lo Presti as Sam
  • Jessica Clement as Faith
  • Joseph Cannata as Chris
  • Alex Harrouch as Chad
  • Rashaana Cumberbatch as Joy
  • Josette Halpert as Candace
  • Perrie Voss as Cookie
  • Jana Peck as Satan/Santa
  • Morgan Lever as John Smith
  • Xavier Lopez as Jack
  • Ucal Shillingford as Cole
  • Christo Graham as Cameron
  • Fabienne Hodge as Carter

The director of Letters To Satan Claus is Emma Jean Sutherland. The producer includes Jeff Hanes and Daniel Iron. The executive producer includes Armand Leo and Lance Samuels. We will keep you updated with every detail. Stay connected with us!

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